Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Color of Passion, Book Reviews, no more T.V., The Big Bang Theory

The Color of Passion - the beast has grown! I typed 'final draft' (didn't learn my lesson, obviously) when the story reached 21,000 words. Then I stupidly (let me repeat, STUPIDLY!) sent off the first three chapters to an epublishing company. Two days later, I reviewed those same three chapters and almost died - one really obvious continuity issue and a glaring mistake (hair is coiffed, not a quaffed - duh!). WHY, WHY, WHY did I send the submission at two in the morning? WHY, WHY, WHY didn't I wait until morning, when my eyes weren't clouded over and I could reread it again? Because I am an idiot. And idiot with no patience, common sense or aptitude. Shame on me ...
Now I sit and await inevitable rejection.

Book Reviews - I found a really neat site while doing my 'blog' homework (Yes, I truly believe that searching for and reading interesting blogs will enrich my life - and help my own pathetic blog entries. BTW, my time is limited so I traded in housework for blog time. Ask my kids, if you can find them amongst the dust bunnies.) Anyway - I found this site written by a university student (Eng. Lit, I think) who enjoys romance/erotica and gives the funniest, scathing reviews I've ever had the pleasure to read. She is absolutely hilarious in her honesty. She even reviews the cover art. Her site is refreshingly non-pedantic! Check out

NO MORE GOOD TV - part of me is glad, oh so glad, that the great t.v. programs have signed off for the season so I can finally get some work done. On the other hand (thank God we have two hands or life would be so one-sided!) I already miss rushing the kids to bed so I firmly plant my ass on the sofa in time for Lost, House, and Grey's Anatomy (oh Denny - I still miss you!). And with The Sopranos bailing out next week - I've no excuse to not peck away at my keyboard and produce a new book. Or, God forbid, do housework! It would be so easy to get caught up in the drivel they broadcast in the summertime - but I refuse pay homage to big brother's victims or the people who think they can dance. They really should put all reality programs (except for A.I.) on in the summertime only.

The Big Bang Theory - no, not that one. Not THAT one, either! The Big Bang Theory is the working title of my new book - destined to become a novel - (that's more than 60,000 words for those keeping track) about a friendship that turns into love. Sounds boring when put that way, but it'll be sweet, and sexy. I'm already 9,000 in so there's no trashing it now.

Keep reading,
~ Wylie~

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