Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Bump That Ruined My Day

The man in the beat-up white GMC truck who hit me in the Dominion Grocery parking lot and scared the crap out of me and my kids ruined my entire day.
Oh, there wasn't any damage - thankfully, the rubber bumber took the impact, - but it pissed me off that he just drove away! He couldn't have NOT noticed the hit because it jolted my car forward, but he just put the beast in drive without a backward glance. Another kindly soul in the parking lot chased after him yelling 'HEY!', but the old guy just kept on keepin on... The nice man came and asked if we were ok and helped me check out the minivan for damage.
Why am I still so pissed, seven hours later? PMS? Maybe. Thoughtless old men in ancient vehicles who really shouldn't be on the road? Huh-uh. The fact that my kids heard their mother swear like a drunken sailor on a sinking boat? Ya got me!
I feel better for sharing ...

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