Thursday, July 06, 2006

Countdown is on!

Just 22 more days until Bella Fiore is released by Lady Aibell Press (a division of Chippewa Publishing LLC). I'll post a few excerpts so keep a look out during the next TWENTY-TWO days ...
Don't forget to sign up for the contest (go to my website www. wyliekinson. com) -- there's only 21 days left before the deadline for entries.
appears I'm counting the days, doesn't it? How pathetically desperate is that?!

She was a typical working mother -- exhausted, bored and under appreciated, but her husband, a renowned cardiologist, only took notice when her libido began to fade. Determined to fix things, he sent his wife to a private women’s clinic on a recommendation from a respected colleague.
Just what the doctor ordered…

It’s exclusive, it’s private, it’s mysterious -- but what really goes on at this secret clinic called Bella Fiore? A mousy doctor, two slave girls, and a buff stud teach her that there are three simple steps to happiness: Acceptance, Affirmation, and Affection. It’s through the surprising treatments offered at Bella Fiore that she rediscovers her sexual energy.
Or is the surprise on her husband….

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