Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Maturity in Reality Shows and Writing

An Open Letter to Rockstar Supernova contestants:
You can all go home except for Dilana, Lukas and maybe Storm, who remain the only three worthy of this competition.
Jill and Toby, while awesome performers, you're done. Dana, Phil, Josh, Ryan, Patrice - you shouldn't even be there, dudes. You can all sing (in some cases, REALLY sing), but you don't belong with those tattooed, hard-living, skank-seeking Supernova boys. Zarya, please take the first shuttle to what ever planet you came from - Earth isn't ready for you yet, and Magni, your misplaced arrogance is truly just that - misplaced. You may be big in Iceland, dude, but Iceland ain't the world.
. . . but even though I've personally narrowed the competition down to three, I've enjoyed almost all of the performances. Each of these contestents have more talent than the entire top twelve American Idol kids put together. They have a sense of maturity, a hardness, an edge, that enhances the emotional impact of their songs.
This same reasoning can be applied to writers. You rarely see 'young' writers on the best seller lists, not because they're not good writers, but it takes a certain amount of living, of emotional experience to be able to fully develop well-rounded characters; to create an emotional depth that readers can relate to.


Constance Farder said...

Like the Aussie .. mate .. has real talent. Not sure who suits those headbangers though!

Wylie Kinson said...

So what you're saying is ... um ... the Aussie gives you a huge erection?