Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canadians ROCK!

Lucas Rossi from TORONTO, is the new lead singer for SUPERNOVA!

Everyone! Get your hands in the air....
Say yeah, YEAH!, yo, YO! rock, ROCK! and roll, ROLL!!! OH YAAAAAAH!! (playing air guitar)

Sadly, Rockstar is over. Oh how I'll miss the Tuesday night performances! Hate to gloat about being right, but wasn't it little ole me who proclaimed Dilana and Lucas the only rockers worthy of being on stage with the three stooges? And what two rockers were left standing at the end? Yup! I was right (as usual - lol). And second place wasn't bad for Dilana - she was offered the chance to tour with them as an opening act.
So for those keeping score - that's two wins for Canada, zip for the rest of the world.

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