Tuesday, September 05, 2006


That's the sound of me eating my words.
Rockstar Update: Toby Rand (the Aussie), whom I wrote off AGES ago, just keeps getting better and better every week. He's so hot! He's developed into this powerhouse stage performer and now that he's got the black eyeliner and hair gel working for him, he's looking every bit the part. Me thinks he may be the front-runner!
My fave, Dilana, has had some kind of emotional breakdown. Her voice is still PERFECT in every way and her stage presence awesome - but everytime they show her in a non-performing situation, she sounds like a lunatic with an inferiorty complex. She seriously needs to take a few arrogance lessons from Lukas. Her talent certainly warrants some cockiness - but not stupidity! It's making me so sad...
Storm, baby! - Didn't think you'd last this long but the girl rocks! Her original song was amazing.
My final three - Dilana (I'm still loyal!), Toby and Lucas.

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