Saturday, September 23, 2006

My New Love is a Bull, and Click Me

Is all about the Bull
I was having a particularly challenging, sleep deprived week and my dear hubby introduced me to the magic that is Red Bull. Oh Baby, I lurves me the Bull!! With only 80 mg of caffeine (on par with a coffee), what makes the Bull so darn effective? What magic lies within the skinny aluminum can?? It's pleasant tasting, sweet, although I had the sugar free, and there's no bitter aftertaste as with the four cups of coffee I would usually drink to bring myself to alertness. Not even a post-caffeine headache. Wow, I say. Does it come in a bulk pack?
I've sold out to commercialism. You'll notice that I've added Google Adsense to my sidebar. Why? I don't know really. Just desperate for the few pennies I may garner by having you click the ads. So here's the deal: I'll try to post fun, witty commentary if you'll promise to click my ads when you visit. I'm saving up for a stick of bubble gum. Please help me reach my goal.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I came, I saw, I clicked. :)

(said in best Homer Simpson voice): Mmmm, bubble gum... ;)

Wylie Kinson said...

Sadly - I need hundreds of clicks to make a few cents so my 282 visitors would get carpel tunnel syndrome clicking to get me that gum! But the ad square makes my blog look so official, don't you think? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm clicking, I'm clicking!!
I liked your poem the other day, btw.