Sunday, September 10, 2006

On the Bookshelf

Decided to add a new category to my sidebar, entitled On the Bookshelf because for probably the first time ever, I've got more than just one or two books spilling from the drawers of my nightstand. Usually a quick reader, I practically devour any new releases from my fave authors (Nelson DeMille - I'm waiting!!), but lately I have been caught up in so many other projects, little time is left to stick my nose in a book. But that hasn't stopped me from aquiring, hence the stack continues to grow!
This explains the sense of frustration I felt after reading that horrible intrigue/romance I blogged about yesterday - the really really bad one, which shall not be named. Out of all of the potential on the shelf, I randomly pick what I thought was a sure-fire hit and land a dud. Incidently, I checked out the reviews on and wasn't surprised to see that many other readers of the "New York Times best selling author" were also dreadfully disappointed. Contrary to my inner bitch, this does not please me. I'm embarrassed for the author and ashamed of the editor/publisher.
Let us pray:
Dear Lord,
Should I ever become a best selling author, please bless me with a crack editing team and friends with cajones large enough to tell me when I suck.


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