Saturday, September 30, 2006

Three Books in Five Days... Whew!

Since Monday, I've polished off three Mary Jo Putney novels, leaving the 'books on the shelf' to gather more dust. Why the MJP marathon? I have the priviledge of hearing her speak to the Toronto Romance Writers meeting in two short weeks and having never read her work, would feel quite the fraud sitting amongst her fans. So off I took myself to the library to see what MJP was capable of. (BTW - I would normally go to the bookstore -- used or new -- to buy-to-own, but I didn't want to make the commitment to MJP, just yet, hence the library)
I'm not going to give synopsees (is that a word?), that's what Amazon is for, but I'll tell you this:
The first two I read were good, better than average romances with lots of heart, believable and likeable characters and predictable story archs. I had no regrets about the lack of sleep I was getting. Then I read "One Perfect Rose" and my admiration of Ms Putney skyrocketed. I cried my eyes out for a good number of pages. Great tension and tender, emotionally charged storytelling - wow! Without giving away any secrets, I will say this: I didn't agree with the ending because it was a bit too Hollywood, but I didn't let that one small detail ruin a very good, no - excellent, reading experience.
And by some slim chance, should I have the chance to exchange words with MJP at the upcoming meeting, I shall ask her if her editors forced her to take the easy way out!
Or would that be rude?

Get it, read it, enjoy "One Perfect Rose".

As much as I enjoy the romance genre, I've come up for air with Kate Mosse's "Labyrinth". Already one hundred pages in and am having a hard time putting it down. Excellent historical references and compelling characters. Man, I love a good book!!!

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