Friday, October 27, 2006

Zip a dee do da, zip a dee ay, ...

Just heard from the e-pub editor re my novella:
"I'm pleased to ask for the full manuscript of THE COLOR OF PASSION for further review."
W000-Hoooo and a whoop de do!
*dance, dance, dance*

However (yes, there was a 'but'), she wasn't happy with the ending and suggested I change it. And you know what - I am. Frankly, I wasn't convinced it was a good ending either, but I didn't want to make it too 'pat', to 'Hollywood'. But Hollywood is what she wants so Hollywood is what she's going to get.

My mother is in town visiting so I'm officially on 'blog vacation'. (I'll leave the blog-every-day event to you, TL.)

'til November...


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO, *Yippee*, and WOOT!! That's awesome, Wylie! And I know you'll do a great job with the new ending. I'm so happy for you! Big hugs. :)

Have a great time visiting with your mom!

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks, TL! Looks like we're both celebrating today!!

Jana J. Hanson said...

Good luck! My fingers and toes are crossed for you!!

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks Jana!