Thursday, December 28, 2006

101 Posts and Other Random Thoughts

Today is my 101st post. If only I could show this much dedication to my novel...

Blogger hates me today. I've been trying to post my Thursday 13 since this morning and have been encountering serious formatting problems. Okay -- it's probably my fault, but it's so much easier to blame blogger! I originally 13'd about my 2007 resolutions but that dratted blogger (which I privately call 'booger') gave me such a hassle I decided to change up my topic and start again. But this is good. It gives me a whole extra week to think about how I'm going to make '07 ROCK!

I have a cut on the pad of my index finger that makes typing slow and painful. I'm trying to find words that don't require a Y, U, H,J, N, or M (ouch!). This is what happens when you try to manually remove green peppers from a food chopper (doh!).

We had a terrific Christmas, (thanks for asking), -- very spoiled, but very appreciative. Santa brought me a foot spa (ahhhh...), the new Michael Crighton book - 'NEXT', beautiful scented candles, gift certificates galore and... wait for it... drum role.... A GOAT!!!
Thanks World Vision, for setting up an amazing program. I shall shop your catalogue often.

On the down side, we had NO SNOW! Phooey on a green/brown Christmas.
This is Canada, in December, for crissakes! What are we doing to our planet? I haven't yet needed to put the lining in my leather jacket and the kids' tobaggan's aren't even out of storage. Oh well, at least we don't have hurricanes to contend with! And you know I'd be bitching if I had to shovel :)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on "what are we doing to our planet" -- hubby and I just got back from a ride on our Hawg, and it got up to 65 degrees here!! DANG! I mean, beautiful day and all, but this is so darned unseasonable as to be spooky.

And this past summer was just soooo hot and humid. It was awful, the hottest summer we've had in East Tennessee in my memory. I have to admit, I'm really dreading summer next year.

Amy Ruttan said...

See that's my biggest fear with my new food chopper. I am afraid I will cut myself on mean looking blades, yet oddly drawn to the idea of chopping and pureeing everything ... maybe that's why hubby is staying out of kitchen hehehe.

Kate R said...

Yeah we haven't had a speck of snow in New England and barely any cold either. It's very spooky. Tonight I had to wear gloves walking the dog, but I swear it was only the second time all winter. I don't like winter but this is far worse. Too scary.

Wylie Kinson said...

Amy - I hear you!! When I got mine I couldn't wait to chop everything in site and found countless ways to incorporate chopped onions into otherwise onionless recipes *LOL*.

Wylie Kinson said...

TL & Kate R - have y'all seen An Inconvenient Truth? Hubby and I watched it last night and it sorta scared me... Those photos just don't lie, and being a worrying sort of mother, I can't help feel guilty about my children's future world and what we're doing to it.
When I woke this morning, the lead story on the Canadian news was about an ice shelf breaking off Ellesmere Island in the Cdn arctic - as big as 11,000 football fields. That's a lot of ice cubes, man.

Kate R said...

something totally unrelated to with global warming: you inspired me to have a contest and you already have an entry.