Friday, December 08, 2006

Come on in! It's safe!!

My buddy TL switched over to Blogger Beta, after having tested it with a secondary blog. Good thinking, I thought. Always a good to do trials, test the proverbial waters...
I, on the other hand, have no idea what Blogger Beta is, what it means, and why she changed over. But she's a smart one, that TL, so I thought - if she's switching, then damn it, so am I.
Perhaps I was a lemming in a previous life?
I went to the Blogger dashboard, and read "switch to beta by blawwaaaaahe;slkje;ljggggsdkllskdfja' -- that's how much sense it made to me, anyway. Perhaps being 1:17am didn't help. --
So I dutifully followed a few links, put in my email and password when it asked and voila!, 2 minutes later and I'm now on something I know nothing about. Why am I here, TL?
The doom message was very adamant about not being able to get back once you switched over. You'd think this would have frightened me. Nope. (probably will in the morning when I can't find my blog!)

Come on my fellow bloggies!! Unite with TL and me. Come over to the dark side...


Christine said...

I switched over to Blogger Beta a month or so ago. I like it up to a point. It's easier to add links and pictures in the side bar, but not as easy to make changes to the HTML template. In the end, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Follow the liiiiight! There's peace and safety (and post categorization) in the liiiight! :D


I'm tickled you made the switch -- it's way easier, like Christine said, to add links and mess with the layout and the look of your blog.

And the post categorization thing's gonna be great, too -- I haven't done it on the Ballicus Blog because each post there is about kitties, but on Tennessee Text Wrestling, Beta will make it much easier to categorize my posts into things like "writing", "book reviews", "cats", "blogging", etc.

Other nice things are that Blogger Beta is lots, lots faster and more reliable than old Blogger.

Pretty cool over here on the Dark Side! *commence Darth Vader breathing*

Amy Ruttan said...

I just originally signed up, now you are one of us muhwahahahaha (evil maniacal laughter with much wringing of hands.