Friday, December 01, 2006

Drama Strikes Housewifedom

My minivan was in the shop the other day, so when we got the call that it was ready to be collected, my hubby, Baby Sweetness and I jumped in the car and headed to the Dodge dealership. We parked right in front of the building, with the nose of the car pointing towards the busy street (this is important). Hubby and I both got out of the car - he to go to the minivan, and me to get into the driver's seat. We pass each other at the trunk and hear a distinctive 'click'. Baby Sweetness hit the autolock button with Daddy and Mommy on the outside of the running car.
Panic ensued... two mechanics from the Dodge dealship quickly came, one with a slimjim. A crowd gathered as we tried to coax Sweetness to hit the button, UP, but alas, Sweetness, who was in a car seat, couldn't reach it to press up hard enough. It was only the angle that allowed him press DOWN in the first place. Sweetness's muffled voice kept saying, 'Me want to come out now'. He was getting upset, I was very upset (but trying to remain as calm as possible) and the Dodge dude wasn't having any luck with the slimjim. Some small part of me was comforted in knowing that a thief would have an equally difficult time!
Hubby managed to coax Sweetness out of his seatbelt, which was wrapped around him and the thought of him getting strangled with it was a reality at this point. He started getting upset, almost crying as his bulky jacket kept getting caught so he couldn't slip the belt over his head. EEKKS! When he does manage to wangle out, he goes right for the front, driver's seat. Now I'm completely freaking out (see comment above about the car facing a busy intersection). Dopey mechanic says - 'Don't worry, he won't be able to turn the key in the ignition'. I casually informed him that THE CAR WAS RUNNING! Duh. This was the man working on my minivan?? That explains a lot.
Hubby went around to the passenger window and coaxed Sweetness over to him. Standing on the seat, he laid his chubby little hand on the passenger door and depressed the window mechanism. YEAH!! Crowd clapping, baby smiling, heart restarting, Sweetness yelling "My did it! My press buttons!"
Me thinking - I SO need to blog about this!


Amy Ruttan said...

Sweetness fits he's a cutey! Oh my goodness that is very dramatic. I would have remained calm but I would be totally freaking out inside too if that happened. I remember when I was pregnant with sumo baby and my daughter was in the back seat. We were stopped at a four way and rear ended by a teen trying to light a cigarette. No one was hurt, I was calm as I tried to calm my screaming daughter, but all the while inside my head was cursing " Stupid *^&@!!" and very upset worried about my belly. I'm glad everything turned out alright, nothing shakes up a day of housewifedom than kids eh?

Thomma Lyn said...

My goodness, what a time!! Hugs to you and Sweetness. And oh my, is he a cute little fella! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

OMG Amy - can't imagine keeping cool in that circumstance! I would have been a crying, hysterical mess.
And yes - there's nothing like the drama involved in having children to put a few gray strands on your head!!

TL - thanks. Yes, Sweetness is as cute as they come, with a little precocious personality to match! I'd like to say he learned his lesson, but the next time we were in the car, it was back to pressing buttons!