Friday, December 22, 2006

Slow Day

Just not up to speed today. I stayed up past midnight watching the final 3 episodes of Dexter. Cool show! Hubby and I had a Dexter marathon - we watched all 11 episodes in 3 days. Who would figure I'd get totally charmed by a serial killer. The writing is right-on (told you I'm slow), it's well-paced, not too over-the-top (but there are moments) and just sensible enough to make it all seem less grusome than it could/probably should be. I was looking forward to falling into bed, but by the time my head found the pillow, all I could think about was the bloody (no, it's not a pun) season finale cliff hanger.
Heard the clock strike one.
Fell asleep at some point, only to be awoken by a niggly tickle in my throat that had me in coughing fits. Tired as I was, I struggled to the loo for a drink of water and a throat losenge.
Heard the clock strike two.
Sweetness (aka 2 1/2 yr old son) called out for me, "Mommy! Want to come in your bed. Mommy, Mommy, Mommy....."
Desperate to sleep, I pulled him in to bed with me and the little charmer kept putting his drooly little hands on my cheeks and saying "Mommy, my love you, all the world and pussa-world."
Heard the clock stike four.
"Mommy, my love you..."
Okay, it was heart-melting cute the first 17 times, but it grew old and annoying by 4:22am.
Heard the clock strike five.
"Mommy, me go down-tairs."
"Mommy, my love you."
"Mommy, me watch tv."
"My want milk."
Sweetness remained wide awake until just after 6am.
The Alarm (also known as 7 year old son) woke me up at 7:30. "Mom, can I have some chocolate milk?" Grrrr
Who's keeping track? My limited math shows approx 4 hours of sleep. Which is about what I've been getting on average for the past 4 nights.
Very slow day.


Amy Ruttan said...

I had my slow day today (Saturday), I had another office Christmas Party. Drank way too many cosmos, then this morning when my daughter came in to wake me up (even though Daddy was already downstairs), I hid under the covers and she thought I wasn't in bed. How mean am I?

OliviaDiane said...

I'm going to try Amy's trick. As for you Wylie -- been there, still doing that! I know your pain. Sometimes I want to bite the heads off of The Husband and The Boy.

Wylie Kinson said...

Amy - it's called 'survival'!!

Olivia - supposedly we will miss all this when our kids are in college. Supposedly...