Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today's Rant

Today in ‘Things That Irk Me’ I’ll focus on Paris Hilton. Why, dear God, does this woman keep showing up on news sites, entertainment blogs, etc…

Why does her name frequently come up on my ‘Top Three News Stories’ or ‘Most Viewed News Stories’ on my Yahoo news? Isn’t the war in the Iraq/Afghanistan, ethnic cleansing in Darfur, global warming and the Ipswich Ripper exciting enough? Does Paris’s pantyless habits, partying, bad singing and feud with Lindsay Lohan affect the world somehow and I’m just not getting it?

Tina Fey (30 Rock, and former head writer on SNL), who has won my undying respect, should get some headlines for outing the celebutante as the dumb-ass she is:

"She's a piece of sh-t. The people at SNL were like maybe she'll be fun, maybe she won't take herself so seriously. She takes herself so seriously! She's unbelievably dumb and so proud of how dumb she is. She looks like a tranny up close."

Yeah Tina, for telling the truth!! Maybe some of those poor 13 year old Paris-wannabees will listen to the screenplay writer of the hilarious ‘Mean Girls’ movie. We can hope, anyway!

Tina also had this to say about Paris:

"She wanted to make fun of all the girls she hates. She was like 'I want to play Jessica Simpson, I hate her.' She would come in the room and say, 'You should do a show about Jessica Simpson because she's fat.'"

Times like this I'm extremely grateful that I don't have a girl child because if this is the type of roll models they're being offered... *insert shiver* we are f*&ked. Betty Freidan is, I'm sure, turning in her luke-warm grave.


Christine said...

Paris is a sad little girl. Someday she'll fade away and we'll be blessedly free of her on the front covers.

Wylie Kinson said...

Amen, sister! I agree, though - she is a sad little girl. She needs to go to Africa with Angelina or something. She needs a major reality check to adjust her moral compass.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that's great, "a major reality check to adjust her moral compass." Ain't that the truth!

Amy Ruttan said...

Wylie I did rant about this but blogger ate it. Grrr.

You asked about TT the website is

Grab the code you want for your blog, copy paste it and fill in your list. Then you announce your list on the TT website on the homepage where it says join in (not join the blogroll).

Hope this helps.

Amy Ruttan said...

Sorry website is

OliviaDiane said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Paris. For the love of all that is holy -- make her stop!