Friday, January 19, 2007

Hers to Desire, Menopause, Spa-ahhh

I finished Margaret Moore's Hers To Desire late, late, late last night and I must say it was an enjoyable read! (Take that, Amy!!)
I haven't read a medieval romance in years - YEARS, so it was a pleasant change of pace. Having attended Margaret's lecture at a recent Toronto Romance Writer's meeting, I actually had her voice in my head as I was reading -- which was kinda creepy -- but didn't deter from my enjoyment. Thankfully!
Very early in the book, it was quite clear that Hers to Desire was part of a series, as references to past adventures with other characters were referenced and relationships were already established between most of the people involved. It was a little like joining a circle of friends for the first time and hearing them refer to past experiences together! I was jealous, but loved them none-the-less!

I've been meaning to talk about my birthday-present weekend but as Sweetness (aka younger son) is napping-no-more, I just haven't had time. Let me say this:
Menopause Out Loud is perhaps the funniest thing on stage I've ever seen. Four women, representing stereo-typical figures -- the career power woman, farm-state housewife, earth mother and aging movie star -- meet in the lingerie dept at Bloomingdales. They sing and dance for about 90 minutes, sharing their tales from 'the other side of 50'. The songs are all re-worked baby-boomer era hits, so every tune is familiar.
Though I'm not of an age to experience 'the change' (yet!), I completely understood the references and laughed out loud with the rest of the ladies in the audience. It seems menopause and pregnancy share many of the same symptoms, so many of the experiences were very relatable! After an hour of giggling, gaffawing, chortling and chuckling, I didn't know what to do with my laughter. It wanted to explode out of me. I slapped my legs, held my sides, my cheeks hurt from smiling and I was exhausted after the show.
If it's playing in your area -- GO SEE IT. No matter your age. And take all your girlfriends. And your mother. Hell - take your mother-in-law! The few lucky men in the audience seemed to appreciate the humor as well, so it's certainly not gender restricted (but many men wouldn't see it on principle, I'm sure. Their loss!)

The next day, my friend and I did a day at the Nouvelle Maria Day Spa in the Royal King Edward Hotel in Toronto. Bliss! Facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, . . .
I'm not going to give the details, because that would just be bragging!!! Let's just say that turning 40 was totally worth it ;)


Christine said...

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I'll have to hint extra hard this year for my birthday that I'd love to have a spa day.

That is my type of play! I haven't been to one in years though. I need to see what we have playing locally.

Vicky said...

Oh my God! When you said you were reading Margaret's book and it was like Margaret herself was reading it, I laughed so hard I almost fell on my butt!:)

The play sounds great, my mom's birthday is on the 28th, it sounds like you just helped me find her gift. She would love it - and I'll be honest, so would I. :)

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Happy belated!

Wylie Kinson said...

I love going to the theatre - plays, musicals, dance, etc... but I rarely go anymore, which is a shame living so close to Toronto! When the kids get bigger and I can find a reliable babysitter, perhaps...

And yeah -- NOTHING beats a good spa day!

Amy Ruttan said...

Oh you crafty critter you! I will thwart you yet! (Shaking fist in the air).

I'm glad you enjoyed your b-day present. Sounds like it was a relaxing and fun weekend.

Wylie Kinson said...

Amy - just to keep things honest, please note that one of those books (Invisible Touch) was a novella!
But I'm making up for it now with a 500 pager!!

Amy Ruttan said...

Ok, then that's alright. A 500 pager is fair. And I am being honest. The RGS book has actual text in it, as well as breath taking pictures. The Darcy and Elizabeth book is about 500 pages.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great weekend! And Menopause Out Loud sounds hilarious. 8-)