Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5 - Things That Really IRK Me.

Thirteen Things That Really Irk Me

  1. People who complain loudly in lines at the movie theatre or the coffee shop -- like the clerk who makes minimum wage deserves that kind of abuse.
  2. When you book a flight ages in advance to ensure you get an aisle seat and they change your assignment at the counter. GRRRR
  3. The dude who pulls up beside/behind/infront of me at a red light with music so loud that the bass is throwing off my heartbeat.
  4. People who are mean to others to get a laugh or look cool. (refer to my earlier American Idol rant for complete irk-factor)
  5. Childless drivers who park in the "For caregivers with infants/small children" spots at the mall and grocery store. (You know who you are, Bottle-Blonde Woman With The Leopard Jacket!!) Same applies to those who park unnecessarily in handicapped spots.
  6. Cellphone chatter in a movie theatre, or any chatter once the movie has started (okay during credits, but not during dialogue and definitely NOT during the action or kissy bits!)
  7. People who write in library books.
  8. People who don't celebrate certain holidays for really lame-o reasons. Like my friend's husband who doesn't believe in Valentine's Day because "we should show our love to our spouses every day". Well that's fine, buddy, if you send your wife chocolates and roses everyday!! Mine doesn't -- so I expect a nice card!
  9. And on that note -- people who eschew New Years Resolutions because they just set you up to fail'. Yeah... there's a bit of a defeatest attitude! If you don't set some goals, you won't succeed anyway. Isn't it better to try something rather than nothing at all? Or perhaps you're perfect already? Everyone has room for a little bit of improvement and those Jan 1st resolutions offer the perfect opportunity to admit that we're not perfect -- let's try to be better this year...
  10. Over-the-top get-a-room public displays of affection. A kiss, hug, hand-holding, longing stares - these are okay, but please don't make me watch you grope each other in the food court!
  11. Paris Hilton.
  12. *People who climb Mount Everest because it's there. I read John Krakaurer's non-fiction book 'Into Thin Air'- and enjoyed it immensely, I should add - but when the death rate is 1 in 4, what would possess a guy to leave his pregnant wife to climb a mountain. (incase you're wondering - he died) By the way -- this includes all other 'extreme' sports where the death rate is higher than the chances of getting a correct order at a drive-thru. (*note to Amy - I wrote this list prior to your posts about Everest - sorry!!
  13. Photographers that get a kick out of sticking they're long lenses under celebrity skirts. The girls are getting hounded for going pantiless but what about the perverted bastard laying on the ground aiming for a perfect crotch shot. Ewwww.
God knows - I could go on!! :)

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Vicky said...

Hee! Hee! I love it! I was laughing out loud reading them! Ooh I agree about the men that say "Shouldn't we love our wives everyday...." I hate that so much!

My husband used to do the "I didn't want to buy you flowers, because flowers just die." What the **bleep**! I didn't even have to say anything. It was one of those looks could kill moments. I get flowers now! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, Wylie! Loved your list. And yeah, the "being mean because it's cool" thing bothers me to no end.

And cellphones -- a related thing about cellphones that drives me bats is how so many drivers have 'em stuck to their ears and their driving deteriorates like heck as a result. Makes me want to put a neon sign on my car that reads "Hang Up and Drive!"

Christine said...

This is awesome! I hate the movie theatre cell phone people too. That and the loud talker in Chapters. Or the ones who are trying to read over my shoulder. They drive me nuts!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Great list! I totally agree. That Man and I only rarely make it to a movie, so the last thing I want to hear is chatter! Happy TT! Joely

Anne Douglas said...

Haha, I love that - Paris Hilton - you don't even need an explanation. Her name says it all.

Amy Ruttan said...

Ok, apology accepted. Just so you know, there's no climbing the moutain in my book as historically climbs were not really attempted to closer to 1900.

I applaud you on #1 as I worked as a cashier all through college. I'd get complaints about the prices of food as if I was the one making up the prices of freaking produce. ERGH.

Jaci Burton said...

I hate people who are rude to service workers like waitresses and cashiers.

The whole cell phone thing makes me insane, especially with people driving. They can ban talking on cell phones while driving and it'd be fine with me. I survived years without contact with the world while I was in my car, and I can do it again. People are such morons.

Awesome list!

tvaddictgurl said...

Cellphones in general annoy me. Particularly when people take 10 minutes to pull their large ass SUV out of the compact parking space because they're trying to do it one-handed because they're on their cellphone.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Good ones!
Though I don't do New Year's Resolutions. But that's because I don't treat New Years different than any other day. I really couldn't care less. It feels like a made-up holiday to me. Though I can't complain, since I get the day off work...

Rashenbo said...

LOL... Paris get's her own number... and no explanation needed! :) Yeah, she irks me too. This is a great list and you had me chuckling several times... heheheh

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for visiting!!

I had so many things on my list (21, actually) it was hard to narrow it down to 13! But it got me thinking... What would I do if I owned my own country? What would I permit, what laws would I establish...
Aha- Next week's TT will be "If I was in charge..."

Anonymous said...

Man, that's a wonderful idea for a TT, Wylie! Ha, sometimes when hubby and I are sitting around talking, we speculate on what all we would do if we were Czar and Czarina of the Universe... 8-)

Racy Li said...

Paris Hilton irks me too. And all of her anorexic crowd.

Raggedy said...

I thought Paris Hilton was a Hotel.
I don't know her.
Great list of peeves. I agree with the cell phone thing. We need to have some universal cell phone etiquette.
My TT is up
Have a great evening!

spyscribbler said...

I hear your American Idol rant! I just had one the other day. I just don't like it!

OliviaDiane said...

Paris Hilton -- enough said!