Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I LOVE about January & Why I need therapy

My fave thing about the new year? Nothing thrills me more than filling in a fresh calendar. Jotting in playdates, field-trips, school holidays, martial arts, swimming lessons, scheduled writing time, birthdays, etc... all with the same color pen. Perfection.
As the months go by, things are altered, amended, crossed out, added, - usually with a different colored pen which makes the whole thing look messy. Reason enough to want the old year to hurry on by so a new calendar can be cracked. (together now, say: ANAL)
Right - so I filled out my writing schedule for January, beginning the week of the 8th, after Light (aka my son) goes back to school and Sweetness (aka other son) goes to the morning sitter, and I have a few hours to call my own. Herein lies the problem: Tonight, I find myself in front of the computer, children asleep, house quiet, perfect time to write, right? Wrong. It's not on the calendar so I just can't do it. (say it again: ANAL)
I'm surfing, I'm visiting other blogs, reading ebooks, but not writing. Brightside - at least I'm not playing Cake Mania (Grrrr Amy!!).

Thoughts on Reading...
Picked up 'NEXT' by Michael Crichton this afternoon and after reading the prologue and a bit of chapter one, put it down. This isn't good. Michael Crichton (am I spelling his name correctly? Anyone?) is the kind of author that usually keeps me awake nights, devouring the pages, completely sucked in to whatever world he's created. Sadly, this one hasn't grabbed me,... yet. And it's about a topic I would normally be all over! Genetics and bioengineering. Ahhh, science!
Alas, I won't give up hope -- maybe he's off to a slow start, maybe it's just my mood today -- but my nonchalantly dropping the book in mid-sentence on page 18 in order to help my son build a lego space-lander is not a good sign.
So here I find myself, unable to write (and no, I can't add it to the calendar now because I can't find the original pen, and it's only Jan 2nd, so shut up!), unable to read 'NEXT' for fear of another 'put-down' (three put-downs and the book is outta here!), so I popped over to the Ellora's Cave website and ordered up a copy of Kathy's, (ahem... *giggle*) Kate Rothwell's 'Invisible Touch' (written as Summer Devon). Fun read, veeeery steamy, light and humorous with extremely likable characters. I look forward to escaping into more of Kate's stories. Btw, Kate, I love Summer's bio. Girl, you crack me up. I'm gonna steal that whole schtick.

Life's Little Disappointments...
Tim Horton's have stopped providing 'Holiday Spice' flavour shots for their coffees. I AM CRUSHED. Devasted. I am totally hooked on that shite - like a freaking crack addict! They've replaced it with cinnamon, which is so 90's!! I mean, cinnamon for chrissakes!! We used to add a dash of cinnamon to our coffee filters long before REAL flavoured coffee was raging. Sheesh.
And do you notice I'm spelling 'flavour' the Canadian way - with the 'u' - which is a must when discussing the essential Canadian brew.

Postscript: Duh... don't know how to spell Michael Crichton's name and it's on the freaking book cover at the top of the post! I just went back and changed them all from Crieghton to Crichton. Whatever... it's late.


Christine said...

Put the Timmy's cup down and back away, Wylie...that's it...a little more...now breathe. I liked the hazelnut shot until I found out how many calories they were. Now I stick to my plain old black coffee.

I need a new calendar for work. I had a Cows one, but sadly I had to take it down Monday. I need a replacment quickly!

Wylie Kinson said...

There are calories in flavour shots?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I was geographically closer, I'd get you a new calendar, because the only thing nicer than writing in a new calendar, is giving a new calendar. :)

Amy Ruttan said...

I need a calendar as well. I took down my FBOFW calendar after New Years, haven't replaced it yet. As for my bare office, for sure need some sort of way to tell the date. I found myself in another office today trying to figure out the date for 5 minutes when I realized I was looking at December 2006. I will have to stop listening to Prince in my office though, now my boss won't leave. It's hard to blog with him breathing down my neck.

Amy Ruttan said...

P.S. Sorry about Cake Mania. I'm off the Cakes and on to building Teddy Bears. How fast can you build that bear and how fast can you get promoted. My advice, stay far away from Teddy Bear Factory.

Thomma Lyn said...

Hi, Wylie! I love January, too -- in many ways, it's my favorite month of the year. Nice and quiet after the holiday scramble, and in years past, we've tended to get snow in January, and I love the white stuff. I'm hoping for snow this year, but it ain't looking good, ha -- yesterday it got up to sixty-three degrees F and it's going to be unseasonably warm for the next ten days, at least.

But hey, hubby and I can do some Hawg-ridin' in January, and that sure isn't doable in snow!

Kate R said...

well, it's about time I came over and said THANK YOU for that.

Thank you, Wylie!