Sunday, January 21, 2007

Whatcha Reading Meme

I was tagged by Amy.
Here are the instructions:
1. Grab the nearest book to you;
2. Open to page 123, look down to the 5th sentence;
3. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog;
4. Include the title and the author's name;
5. Tag 3 people.

The nearest book to me is the one I just started. I'm not on page 123 yet so I'm a bit miffed at being forced to read ahead (this is like cheating!!). But for the sake of the meme, ...

The novel is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - Pulitzer Prize winner (so it must be good, right?!)

"The only way my father could think of to instill in me a sense of my heritage was to take me to dubbed Italian versions of the ancient Greek myths. And so, every week, we saw Hercules slaying the Nemean lion, or stealing the girdle of the Amazons ("That's some girdle, eh Callie?"), or being thrown gratuitously into snake pits without textual support. But our favorite was the Minotaur..."

I'm tagging Brad, George and Matt.
Oh darn... I don't have their emails, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they read my blog.

Thanks, Amy -- that was a fun one!!


Amy Ruttan said...

Sounds like a book to add to my TBR pile. I'm not groaning so much about the growing TBR pile because of that challenge. I'm almost done my 2nd P&P continuation book and by RGS (research) book ... that'll be two more to the list. 46 to go!

Anonymous said...

I've never read Middlesex -- like Amy, I'm adding it to my TBR pile! :)

Vicky said...

Okay... read it... didn't get it. :) The only that sucks with 3 sentences is that you're left confused. So, I went to (like I always do!) I know all of you do the same, so don't even try denying it! :)

First thing I noticed... there are 3 different covers to this book. What's that about?

Second thing I noticed... the hardcover is on sale for 4.99! 87% off.

So I did what any normal person would do... I bought it. How could I say no to 4.99? :)

So it is officially in my pile too. :)

Molly O'Keefe said...

Hey! I read that book last year -- it's amazing. AMAZING. But I was pregnant at the time and thanks to that book I was pretty sure I was going to give birth to a hermaphodite. It was an ugly few weeks.

Wylie Kinson said...

Oh, Molly -- I hear you! When I was pregnant with my first, my dearest friend in the world (who happens to be childless) sent me the Oprah pick of the month - Jewel. It's about a little girl with Downs Syndrome. Good book, but so painful to read!!