Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finished Round One Edits - WHOOT!

Round one of edits on Destiny By Design are complete! I spent the last three days hunched over the 'small print' making corrections, fixing incongruities (not that there were any ;) etc.
Then the hard part. I had to come up with a 200 word blurb. NOT EASY. How can you possibly sum up 95 pages of bloody hard work into TWO HUNDRED WORDS?? It took me an hour and a half and I still think it's cheesy as all get-out, but thankfully, some editor at EC will have final say, and I fully intend to defer to their wisdom.
And I got to write a little dedication for the front page. But that's a secret until the book debuts.

Happy to hear that the Thursday Thirteen has been taken over and will continue this week without interruption. Yay! One less day to ramble on endlessly without purpose!!

Picked up the next book in the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger series, Lover Awakened by JR Ward, because apparently, I now dig testosterone-dripping, uber-alpha-males who survive by drinking the blood of others. Who knew?

Where is everybody today? The whole blogosphere seems really quiet-- comment numbers are down all around, Christine's site isn't even coming up, lots of my 'regulars' didn't post, and TL let her cat, Chairman Mao do her daily blogging (wtf!?) ...
What? Has everyone got 'lives' all of a sudden :)


Vicky said...

I don't! :) Actually I've been out doing interviews for the past 2 days, but my last one was this morning so I'm all good and set. :) I'm back to join you in the blogging world again! Saw uncle mike's review. *giggling*

Congratulations on completing the first round of edits! And I know about the 200 word thing... I entered a competition to write a 1000 word story! How the fudge do you write a story in 1000 words? It was the hardest thing I've ever done! Much harder to write short than it is long... yeah it takes a lot less time, but it's so much harder!

Wylie Kinson said...

Yes -- writing shorts is not as easy as some might believe. It's incredibly challenging to do a story justice when you don't have the wiggle room to blather on incessantly. Every word counts, character development must be done quickly and concisely and there isn't the luxury of long poetic prose. To the point and back again!
What competition did you enter? -- and GOOD LUCK!

Robyn Mills said...

Hey Vicky I hear you... Short Story writing is a whole novel in 1500 words or less - good luck. Wylie, my bathroom renos have just finished... I've been testing everything including the spa bath.... geez man never drop a chocolate in one full of bubbles - I know mind boggles - I nearly spilt the champers trying to find it!

Vicky said...

I entered some short competition for Writer's Digest a while back... they didn't select my story - whatever. Personally, I don't think they like romance all that much. Not that that will keep me from reading them! :)

Anonymous said...

*chuckle!* Chairman Mao did my blogging for me yesterday because he got tagged for a meme by two kitties who talk on a kitty blog -- met them through Thursday Thirteen. I bet that did look really funny to you guys who read my blog regularly -- bet you thought, ack, TL's cats are taking over her blog! :-)

Congrats on finishing the first round of edits for DbD! How exciting! And how cool that you get a dedication page.

And argh, I hear you on the blurb thing -- writing a blurb is much like writing a rackin' frackin' query letter, and right now just thinking about query letters makes me want to scream. :)

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats on getting the edits and the blurb done. Bravo. I hate condensing, writing that 2 pages synopsis was crazy in itself. I don't know how I'll manage to ever do a blurb.

I am so glad TT is back, cause my brain is sluggish and I can't think of anything to say.

Wylie Kinson said...

I agree -- synopsis are a bitch. But a blurb? Condensing your baby down to 2 paragraphs when your head is holding down every minute *detail is nigh near impossible.
I'm not sure the author SHOULD do their own blurb (and this isn't laziness speaking!), but maybe the editor or the on-staff blurb writer should cover it. :)

*more on these minute details coming soon as a blog post.

Wylie Kinson said...


I LOVE my bi-monthly edition of Writers Digest. In fact, I just rec'd my latest copy in yesterday's mail and can't wait to read my fave feature - Kevin Alexander. Isn't he a riot?

Also, back to the name thing for a moment -- my son watches this show called Fairly Odd Parents and the evil babysitter's name is Vicky. They call her "Icky with a V", which is now in my head when I write your name!! LOL

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yup, been a quiet week at my place, too.

Congrats on getting all that stuff done!!!

Christine said...

Congrats on being done!! I haven't even started my edits yet. I hope to get them back this week from Bree.

I'm so ticked that my site is down. I haven't heard from my host why either. I'm going to have to say bad words soon...

Uncle Mike said...

Really difficult to summarise your work and so time consuming. Winston Churchill once said when criticised for making a long speech; "If I had more time to prepare, I would have written a shorter speech".

Wylie Kinson said...

Thank SHG, and thanks for visiting.

Christine - good luck with your site. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say we're missing you!!
As for the edits, it's only round one. I've got to get through the FLE's then we're home free. The editing experience was very positive, though. I hope you experience the same with Bree.

Unc -- WC had some great comebacks! In another place/time, he'd have made a great comedian.