Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tagged by Amy

I've been tagged by Amy! Once you have been tagged you can't be retagged. You have to write a blog about 10 odd, facts or habits about yourself. Then tag 10 people and visit there comments and tell them they've been tagged.

Here goes:
  1. I eat in even numbers. I'm not an obsessive counter, but I must have two timbits or four timbits, never three. Two rice cakes, not one ( or one broken in half). Bagels must be halved, then quartered. My mother used to creatively cut my sandwiches in three odd shapes and it MADE ME CRAZY!!
  2. I can't sit in the back seat of cars. I get panicky and woozy and feel like I'm going to be sick or pass out. This makes taxi rides very difficult!
  3. The touch of styrofoam gives me the heebies.
  4. I love the smell of freshly cut lumber. Ahhhhhh,... even more than the smell of baking bread or chocolate cake!
  5. I don't fasten my seatbelt until I come to the first stopsign or traffic light. Yes, I'm aware that this is stupid. It's a long story...
  6. I like winter. This in and of itself makes me completely certifiable to most people.
  7. I don't like hot, humid weather. See above for state of mind.
  8. Sometimes, when I look into the face of a cat and we sort of stare at each other, I feel like I can see a human soul. (N.U.T.S.)
  9. I remember multiple dreams a night. Most people can't remember any when they wake, some remember one when they wake, I feel like I was watching really weird movies most of the night.
  10. When I stay in a hotel, I have to sleep in the bed that has a clear view of the door or, if not visible, then the bed closest to the door.
It just occurred to me that I could probably go on for another 10. Yep, I'm a loon!


Anonymous said...

*chortle* -- right with ya on #'s 6, 7, and 8! I love winter, too. Today I took a walk out in the cold and once I got warmed up, I felt great. And I loathe hot, humid weather -- I'm really dreading summer because it was awful here last year. Bleah... I'd rather live in Antarctica than deal with that again.

And yes, looking into a kitty's eyes -- happy sigh. Such wise and wonderful and purr-ecious creatures. :)

Kate Pearce said...

So I've been anxiously checking your blog to see what you have to say about my little book, Antonia's Bargain, cos I'm the usual neurotic author type person and I think I missed it...was it that bad or so brilliant that you didn't want to make everyone else feel inferior? :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Kate! Thanks for visiting!!

I thought Antonia's Bargain was delightful! I'm chuckling because in my past blog posts I try to make it uber-clear that I'm **not a book reviewer**.
There are so many good/great sites that do that sort of thing and I hardly feel qualified :) so I confine my comments to books that really rock my world (change my life sort of literature) -- or books that have committed a sin that offends my 'writerly senses'.
That said, I'm happy to put a plug in for A.B., and shall do so in the next few days.

Amy Ruttan said...

Ok, not as weird as me, I am OCD remember.

Winter, bleh, give me fall or spring any time.

Christine said...

I do the same thing with my cat. My kids think I'm nuts. Especially when we start having a conversation. :)

When I stay in a hotel I have to make sure I have everything locked up tight or else I can't sleep. Not that I normally sleep well in a hotel, but no locks it won't happen at all!

Vicky said...

I'm with you on the winter... it's such a beautiful season!

I'm not one for heat either... in the winter, you can always layer... in the summer, there's only so many layers you can take off!

I'm with you on the car thing too! My husband thinks it's all in my head, but my mom is like that too. I have to sit in the front seat or even better, be the one who is driving... otherwise, I'm in need of some serious gravol!

Great list! I know I'm weird... but it's different putting a list in writing. I hope to have mine up on Monday. Until then I can analyze everything I do! :)