Wednesday, March 07, 2007

c'est moi, Test the Nation

You'll notice that I've posted my pic in the sidebar. I was having a good hair day and thought what-the-hell.
Normally I run from cameras at all costs for obvious reasons (the nesting birds don't appreciate the flash), but the producer for Test the Nation (see below) has been hounding me to send her one. I had my mop cut today, which meant it was a rare day that my hair was blow-dried straight, a nice change from the normal frizz I sport, so I had Mr. Wylie click me. Sadly, I don't have photoshop so I'm stuck with the multi-chin stunned look.
I don't like smiling in photos because the lines in my cheeks make me look like a puppet, but the alternative is the uncomfortable look of constipation. What do you think?

Test the Nation, for those who aren't familiar, is a quiz style of national IQ test. It's been done in 20+ other countries (here's a link to the Brit quiz) and now it's Canada's turn.
The studio audience is made up of teams who compete against each other in general knowledge categories -- folks at home can play along to the live show. At the end, scores are tallied and you can compare yours with, say - the team of brain surgeons, or college grads, etc.
The Toronto Romance Writers have a team for a second program in the series, which tests only language skills. I've very excited to be representing the TRW, along with Amy, Christine, Vicky and 25-ish others. What a fantastic opportunity to make complete asses of ourselves on national television! One of the teams we're up against is made up of English teachers -- eeeek!
Hell, we just may kick their academic butts!!


Megan Frampton said...

You look very intense in your pic, and I am so glad to put a face to the words--your hair looks awesome, too, what a fantastic color.

Christine said...

Excellent picture! I can't wait to finally meet you in person. I'll be arriving Friday night at 9:45 and then have to make my way to the hotel. After that I'm going for drinks!

Wylie Kinson said...

...and bless your cotton socks for noticing my hair color, Megan. That subtle mix of brown/red/drk blonde cost me $150!

Christine - I'll be the one with pretty hair and a stunned look :)
Wish I could join you for drinks! I'll see you in the morning.

Robyn said...

Your hair is fabulous, and that's actually a great game face. If you wear that intense expression those teachers will wet themselves!

Vicky said...

I love the picture! You look so pretty and serious - like watch out teachers, the romance writer's are going to kick your butt - you're all going down! :) Heeeeeheeeee! We are going to kick their butts - crossing fingers!

Wylie Kinson said...

LOL Robyn & Vicky -- from your lips to God's ears!!

Thomma Lyn said...

You're pretty, Wylie -- I like your hair color, and the style looks smashing on you. :) You look intense and writerly in that pic, too -- I love what Vicky said! How cool to see what you look like.

I hate cameras, too. I have a terrible problem with closing my eyes when my picture is taken. Every once in a while somebody gets a good snapshot of me, but more often than not, I look either asleep or stoned in my pictures. ;)

And good luck you TRW gals! WHEE! I hope you kick academic butt to the moon!

Wylie Kinson said...

:) TL. You're my new BFF.

Asleep or stoned? too funny
But the pic of your avatar is loverly! You have an Andy MacDowell vibe about you. And those dimples!! I used to have one when I was thin. Now it's all filled in with brownies and such :)

Thomma Lyn said...

LOL, Wylie! And thanks so much. That avatar pic is one of the better pics of me in existence. Hee, it's a hoot how many folks have told me I look like Andi MacDowell. :)

But only when I don't look asleep or stoned. ;)

Oh, I wear glasses sometimes, too! Depends on what I'm doing -- I need them for driving, for example.

Amy Ruttan said...

Well, seeing what you look like is no surprise to me. The straight hair looks awesome. It rocks, that picture is great.

Though you look great in person anyways, that picture is very authorish.

I'll be arriving Sat morning too on March 17th

Carmi said...

Your pic is just fine. But I understand your feelings about your own image: I've never been comfortable seeing or hearing myself. Which is pretty crazy given that I'm an analyst who's regularly quoted in media. But such is the life we lead.

I can't wait to see the show...I'm sure you'll rock in it. I'll even tape it because, frankly, it's neat to know folks who are on TV.

Greetings from down the road, BTW: I'm in London.