Sunday, March 25, 2007

Overheard, On tv, On writing, On kids

Overheard at the Wylie Kinson household:

"My saw a fox!" Sweetness (aka 2yr old boy) informs Light (aka 7 yr old boy) and I upon arriving home one evening.
"A fox? Where, on t.v.?" I ask.
"No, a real fox. It was this big." Sweetness has his hands stretch way out.
"You saw a real fox? Where?"
"On our back deck," Mr. Wylie answers.
"On our back deck." (I'm not bothering to mask my skepticism. Last year, he mistook a skunk for a cat.)
"Yeah. It came right up to the window and looked in."
"Really. And how big was it?" (I'm still not convinced)
"Bout yay big." Mr Wylie has palm 2 1/2 feet off the ground.
"And what did this fox look like?" (I'm thinking dog. Couldn't be a wolf, could it? In the middle of the 'burbs?) "Was it little and red with a bushy tail?"
"Well, it was more brown or gray. But it had a bushy tail." (OMG - a wolf? Wait a minute...)
Says me, "Did it have a black band across its eyes?"
"Yeah, now that you mention..."
"...and black rings around its bushy tail?"
"Well, it was dark,... but yeah, now that you mention, I think it did."
My Bermudian hubby, naive to the fauna of his new Canadian homeland, saw a raccoon, of course! But it couldn't be near the size he indicated!!
Oh, men and their size issues!! *LOL*

One week later: Me, alone, en route to the highway on-ramp, less than a mile from my house.
"Holy shit, look at the size of that gray dog! Looks like a wolf. But with bushy tail? WTF? It's **Loup-Raccoon!"

On television:
Nip/Tuck finally began showing again in Canada. The season wrapped up months ago on the FX network (which we don't get) -- and our national CBC is now showing it. At least they show it all in one go -- no reruns... -- but because of the press it received when Rosie O'Donnell, Brooke Sheilds, etc, made appearances, I feel a bit cheated to know what's coming.
Not sure how I feel about his envelope pushing series. Almost every single episode has me thinking Oh no, they are NOT going there,... they absolutely can't go there... OMG, they're going there! *CRINGE* For clarification, I'm not talking about the surgeries. They show very little blood and guts -- only one scene per show -- and it's tasteful BUT REAL. They edit in actual footage of plastic surgery procedures, fascinating, but g.r.o.s.s.
It never follows the usual story-arc we've become so familiar with in other Hollywood productions, and in terms of subject matter, nothing is sacred. Or taboo. Somehow, all this gives it a realness thats both fascinating and disturbing. Underlying the surface, the message is often so strong, it makes you feel guilty for trying to take the show at face value. The points are subtle, yet uncover the frailties of our society -- thriving on beauty that masks the ugliness beneath...

On kids:
Sweetness has been sick all weekend. I could go on a world cruise with the luggage I'm sporting under my eyes...
He's been hallucinating bugs. Crickets in his bed and spiders in his mouth. There's not. We checked. He's had a nasty head-cold since Friday, and today I was treated to 3 bouts of vomiting. My house smells wonderful (go on, close your eyes and imagine). But between bug sightings (we think he's got little floaters in his eyes due to the pressure of the cold) and vomiting (ewww- you can smell it, I know you can) he's a wonderfully happy little boy who, as I write this, is outside riding his bike with his older (and very protective) big brother. I can hear them giggling.

On writing:
Nothing. See above.

**In French Canada the legendary loup-garou is a lone werewolf in Quebec lore.


Christine said...

To borrow an expression from my kids, that's one honking big raccoon! I've seen a few big fellows, but that was in rural NB, not in a city. Lock your garbage up. :)

On the writing front, you probably need a break. There has been a lot going on for you these past few weeks. Tomorrow is a new week!

Anonymous said...

Man, that's a ginormous raccoon!! And I'm sorry to hear your little fella has been sick.

crowwoman / rhian said...

shifter-racoons... could happen.

Amy Ruttan said...

Loup garous. I forgot about those legends. Raccoons don't bother me as much as all the FREAKING skunks in my neighbourhood, and bunny rabbits that are not afraid of anything.

Poor Sweetness, I hope he gets better soon.

As for smells, Sumo Baby has learned how to pull Mr. Winky out of diaper and has been hosing things down. Like me on Friday before work. I was late needless to say, the only plus I got to wear jeans with a good excuse.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks for your comments, sympathies and support, gals!!
And Amy... thanks for making me spew Coke!

Candy Minx said...

Hilarious about the hubby and foxes oh so funny.

I LOVE Nip/tuck. I was dragged into it second season thinking it was the stupidest ides for a show and then bam! This is the most brilliant show on tv (okay, hbo series The Wire and Deadwood are tied, but that's hbo)

I've seen the ones you are about to enjoy...I think it's one of the best seasons, if that is possible. But I am so angry with Christian...we'll talk later okay? I can't wait to talk to someone about his behaviour...!

I cringe too. I always look away in the surgery sections and am relieved to hear it's actual real footage interspered. Normally I love special effects but I get naueseated in NipTuck. Weird, now I know why.

The episode that really sealed the deal for me in Nip/Tuck was the one where Kimber wants surgery for "down there" to match her product the inflatable doll? Have you seen that one?

What blew me away was that here was this crazy mad sex scene and intense high camp and campy is one way to describe Nip/Tuck and by the end...the writers had built an emotional intensity to equal the sex...and I was crying my eyes out at the end(I won't say why, in case you haven't seen it)

Wylie Kinson said...

Candy -- if by 'Christian's behaviour' you mean that he's basically blackmailing his new boss about her other blackmail... yes, I agree. We're only on episode 3 (or 4?) this season so far.

I saw that Kimber episode... man, that was powerful/sad.
N/T is SO much deeper than one would expect. I originally bought season 1 DVD's for hubby (we didn't pick up the series in Bermuda at all!) and ended up getting hooked myself... from the moment Matt tried to circumsize himself (ewwww - still gives me nightmares)