Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Overheard at the Kinsons:

Conversation between me and my 86 year old mother:
Her: "I think I'm getting Alzheimers"
Me: "Again?"
Her: "Don't joke. I'm starting to forget things."
Me: "Like what, your car keys? Name your grandchildren in chronological order."
Her: "Don't be silly."
Me: "So what's the problem."
Her: "I was thinking about France's presidential election and I can't remember the name of that woman. I wrote her name out ten times so I wouldn't forget, but now it's not coming to me."

Does anyone else see the humor in this? My sweet old small-town Ukrainian-Canadian mother is upset over forgetting the foreign, unfamiliar sounding names of the candidates in FRANCE??
I'm 40 years old and on my brightest day call my kids by each other's names, forget some important family members birthday and search madly for my car keys.
Without googling, or clicking this link, can you name the candidates in France's election? Go on... I'll give you a cookie if you can name just three of the bunch (I think there's about 11 in total).



Hi Wylie,

Your mom sounds adorable.

Well all I know in French are those lovely three-minute kisses. As for a French word I guess all I can say is "muchas gracias."


Christine said...

LOL I don't think I know my OWN name today let alone the French candidates. Your mother is more on the ball than I am!

Anonymous said...

I haven't the foggiest notion, but your mom sounds precious! :)

Rashenbo said...

I suffer from sometimers... it's a problem. I forget my glasses all the time. I have NO IDEA what is going on in France, let along that it was even some kind of election that requires candidates... my husband wonders how I can know what's going on with all my friends, blogs and obscure trivia... but have no idea what's going on with the rest of the world! :)

Wylie Kinson said...

Red - she IS adorable, despite the fact that she nags me constantly about my weight...

Christine - with your schedule, I wouldn't blame you for knowing the Canadian PM!

Thanks TL!

Rashenbo - 'sometimers'... I like it! Sadly, I can name the children in the Jolie-Pitt clan but couldn't tell you the current mayor of my town. For shame! ;(

Robyn Mills said...

My husband is someone who could keep your mother company. He knows who is in the next round in France - and we're kiwis.... go figure. Yeah, what's-his-name could tell you the answer to whatever the question was.

Amy Ruttan said...

Your mother is so cute.

I have no idea about French officials. I don't even know half our officials ... let alone other everyday things I always forget.


Anonymous said...

I can't name the President of France;-)

Rose said...

I can't name one.

Sparky Duck said...

they had an election?

I knew I liked ya though, from one ukie to another.