Thursday, April 19, 2007

When Bad Promos Turn Good

Thursday Thirteeners are an awesome group!

This week was a lot of fun because so many of my visitors were writers/artists and other wonderfully creative people. Not to mention helpful! Thanks so much for your interesting, funny and ingenious suggestions to turn my blank oversized postcards into plausible marketing ideas.
And DESPITE the overwhelming vote in favor of the dildo costume, I think there are better avenues...

I hadn't heard of but will check it out -- Thanks Tink.
Many of you mentioned stickers - thanks, I'm going to do just that, and I'm coupling it with Candy Minx's & She's suggestions to drop them off at various coffee shops, small bookstores, etc...
In fact, it turns out that NOT having the backside printed with the blurb will allow me some added creativity! I can actually tailor the message to the specific location - for example - the cards casually left at Starbucks (which is located in our big Chapters book store) may begin with something like this: "Looking for edgy read you won't find on the shelves ..."
Playgroup drop-offs could go something like this: "Need a brief escape from kids and housework..."
Christine had a very interesting idea for a little handwritten teaser on the back. So interesting, I'm not going to say it out loud. I'm keeping it to myself. My little secret. Go find her comment -- shhhhh!
And thanks to everyone who suggested RT and RWA. I think some of our Toronto chapter members are going. I may ask one of them to cart a few dozen along.
I believe Susan Helene Gottfried mentioned passing them out to drunk Leaf fans? LOL!! - but they'd end up as #13 then!!
Rebecca suggested that instead of pasting them onto Nora Robers books at the library, I could slip them into the pages - and it would look like Nora is endorsing me! Isn't that sneaky?? I love it.


** Ed Note: Just for fun, I wanted to add an image of something relevant to this post.
For the LOVE OF GOD, don't ever do a Google image search on the keywords GIANT + DILDO + COSTUME. My eyes, MY EYES!!



Hi Wylie,

We're on the Coming Soon page on EC. =) I was delightfully surprised to learn we share a release date. LOVE YOUR COVER BY THE WAY!! Best of luck!

Red Garnier

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yo. Us blogging folk rock.

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks, Red!!! I've been looking (religiously) so was pleasantly surprised when I read your comment.
And it looks like they're saving THE BEST books for May 18th *wink*!
Can't wait to read yours ;)

Wylie Kinson said...

Yo, Susan. Yup, we do!!

she said...

We rock, but so do you - Can't wait til the new book is out ;)

Rebecca said...

Hey Wylie - No, don't put them in library books, people will think the previous borrower has just left their bookmark behind.

You need to slip them into NEW books - on the shelves. Naughtier, I know, but much more effective.

Just don't let the shopowner see you!

Anonymous said...

I like Rebecca's idea of slipping the cards into new books on the shelves! :-D

Amy Ruttan said...

Sounds like a lot more creative ideas than mine. I still like the magnet idea.

I'd like to see him on my Fridge. Only prob I have young kids ... so the work fridge and then I can make all the lawyers uneasy. hehehehehe!

Seriously looking forward to the 18th!

Lara Rose said...

*giggle* I totally had to do that google image search.

I kinda regret it.

Wylie Kinson said...

Rebecca - your ingenious deviousness knows no bounds BWAHAHAHAHA

et tu, TL?

Amy - the thought of HOT MAN IN TIGHTY WHITIES gracing the fridge in a lawyer's office makes me giggle like 8 year old with a new pink pony.

Lara Rose - you were warned! :)


Wylie, I'm reading yours for sure!!! I can't wait to do so in fact! And they are most definitely saving the best books for May 18th! Now I'm the one waiting religiously for my cover . . . =) Great blog, by the way. It's on my faves now!