Thursday, May 10, 2007

Missing Thursday Thirteen

I missed this weeksTT and must confess -- I feel like I missed a party! I lurked, left a few comments, and kept wishing I had time to pop up my own. I had some good ideas kicking around... Oh well.

The website revamp is almost complete. Mr Wylie is working on a trailer for Destiny By Design. This is new territory for him, so keep your fingers crossed ;)

I'll post an excerpt of Destiny on Monday, so please stop back then.
This weekend is my son's 3rd birthday so the Kinson household will be swamped with balloons, presents and yummy chocolate cake!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY those who qualify (cat moms too, TL!) and have a TERRIFIC weekend.


Nicholas said...

We were all waiting for you at TT so the party could get started, and you never showed!!

All that champagne wasted, and the band left to go to another gig.

We shall expect to see you there, bright and early, next week.

Christine said...

We missed you, Wylie! I hope your son has a happy birthday and you have a wonderful mother's day too!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I was quite flattered you dropped in, Wylie. Thanks.

Happy birthday to the little one! And have a great Mother's Day; make 'em pamper you!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

happy mom's day back attcha sweetie! have fun with the party!

ERiCA said...

Can't wait to hear how the trailer-making goes!


Have a fun party and happy mother's day too!!

Goodluck with the trailer . . . and we DID miss your TT! =)

Amy Ruttan said...

Happy Birthday to Sweetness!!!! And Happy mothers day to you too!

I can't wait for the trailer, and the excerpt.

Vicky said...

Happy third birthday to the little one! I can't wait to see the website! I can't wait read the book! Counting down the days! :)

Vicky said...

BTW... almost forgot... Happy Mommy's day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, and Happy Birthday to your sweet little fella! :) And how exciting that your new Web site is almost done, and WOOT, a trailer for DbD! Yay for Mr. Wylie!

And thank you for the Mother's Day wishes, hee hee! I mentioned to my hubby, just today: I wonder what the Ballicai are going to get me for Mother's Day? :-D