Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kittens x 2 = Timewaster to the power of 10

Kitty update:
Just after I posted the TT, I noticed little Black wasn't her happy peppy self. She ended up being very sick with some mysterious virus - we're still waiting for the results of her test - ... in fact, the vet told me to prepare the children for the worst. She had her little neck shaved for a blood test (who knew a little squeaky kitten could howl like that!), given medication to bring his little fever down and instruced to force fed a bit of water.
Okay - just between me and you, I gave her milk, which is supposed to be a big no-no, but I figured it couldn't hurt her any worse and I wanted to make her potentially last days happy ones. I also spent three days just cuddling her. BIG TIME WASTER, that! Can't type, can't do housework, can't write,... you get the picture.
I intended to separate the two sisters, but before I could, Lady Grey (official name of grey kitten) started exhibiting the same symptoms. :(
Happy to report that Black, whose official name is now Licorice (can't manipulate the 3 yr-old like I thought we could) is feeling great. We still don't know what was wrong, but she's back to her bouncing-off-the-walls cuddly self.
Lady Gray is still not her little self. I have managed to get her to eat, but alas, she still won't leave her warm bed...

Thanks so much to everyone who came up with excellent, imaginative names for the kittens. We had a lot of fun reading them all, but in the end, the kids won out. Lady Grey actually came from someone's (Daisy Dexter Dobbs, I believe) suggestion of Earl Grey, with a slight feminization.

Wish I could share exciting writing news, but alas, my days have been filled with litter and cat fur!


Anonymous said...

glad to hear the one kitten is feeling better and hope the other one gets to feeling better too

Ann Aguirre said...

Oh no. I hope your kitty feels better soon.

Amy Ruttan said...

I hope Lady Grey feels better. I love the names btw. Never like to see such cute like fluff balls get sick. Breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

Well, how about that! I was gonna ask you how the ittybitty little kitties were doing, and here I come to your blog and lo and behold. I'm so glad little Licorice is feeling better -- I'm sorry she was a sick little girl. Sometimes kittens get weird things wrong with them -- and I hope precious little Lady Gray pulls through and is feeling fine, soon, too.

Give them both cuddles from me! Oh, the little cutiepies (SQUEE!).

julia said...

I hope Lady Grey feels bouncy like Licorice very soon. I feel so sad for animals when they're sick. I'm glad you're cuddling them back to health - I'm sure that's part of what helped for Licorice.

carrie_lofty said...

Sick kittens are the WORST. I had a beautiful tortoiseshell shorthair named Inca who died at 14-weeks. We'd only had her about three weeks at that point. Her liver didn't grow with the rest of her and she passed away. Little shivery thing! Gosh, that messed me up.

I really hope your Lady Grey feels better soon. Maybe she's be more like kick ass Jean Grey than a proper lady, back on her paws in no time.