Monday, September 24, 2007

Poetry Train Monday

Wine in a box.
Supposed to eco-friendly but experts in the environmental field have speculated that the paper-plastic-metal combination tetra paks are too costly to recycle.
Wine in a box.
Eco-friendly or not, I don't think I can bring myself to do it.
Wine in a box.
Call me a snob but give me a bottle with a cork.

My poem for the Train:
Roses are red and so is my wine
the pop of a cork makes me feel fine
but wine in a box is a terrible sin
give me a bottle or I'm switchin' to gin

Wine in a box.


julia said...

It's much harder to make a candle holder with a wine box.

Nicholas said...

I have no problem with wine in a box. I've been drinking it for years. It's wine in very expensive bottles I resnt.

gautami tripathy said...

I like that poem. It is kind of cool!

Along with the wine!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

I think hubby would have a stroke before drinking wine from a box - too much like sipping juicy juicers... oooohhhh - does it come with a straw as well?
Me - i'm already barbaric, insisting on putting ice in every glass of wine. It'd be easier to toss ice into the boxes than it is to shove it down the neck of the glass bottle.

Lisa Andel said...

I bought wine in the box for Mom's last birthday party. Tip: Don't set them in ice. Later we had duct taped wine in a box. Really super classy.

Wylie Kinson said...

Julia - an excellent point!

Nicholas - cancel our dinner date :P

Gautami - thanks for visiting!

Rhian - do they come with straws? :)

Lisa - LOL! Words to the wise!!

Christine d'Abo said...

ROFL!!! Always wine in a bottle and always red. We will have to discuss the hazards of boxed wine over a glass someday. :)

Joy Renee said...

i haven't had any way in years but i got to thinking that probably it's all about POV:

Roses are red and so is Mom's nipple.
The feel of her breast's so soft and supple.
But milk in a bottle's a terrible crime.
Give me Mom's breast or I'm switchin' to whine.

OK now i know i've been awake too long. i'm thinking in rhyme.

Sparky Duck said...

yea but what about screw tops???

screw it give me the gin

Red Garnier said...

What a great poem, Wylie - and wine in a box - I like it. Though not for a romantic dinner. =)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wine irritates my reflux. Badly. So does gin.

Man, the things they never tell you about pregnancy...

I love the poem, Wylie! Whimsical and fun; it's got a great flow to it. Sort of like wine when it's poured. (okay, that's a stretch, but give me a break. It's Monday.)

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Susan pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!? GIANT GASP!

Jill said...

The thing with wine in a bottle, is that you are in trouble if you don't have cork( that what you call those thing we open it with??) It's not easy trying to open it with a knife!!
But then, I would have to go with Sparky, and just give me the gin, it taste way better for me!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Susan is not pregnant. This is a lasting effect from #2. It's been five years now. Maybe one day, it'll go away.

Dewey said...

Ugh, NO, wine in a box=NEVER.

Ok, I have to go read your MKD review below now!

Ann said...

I've read (or heard) somewhere that there is a cork shortage, but I've also read that not using cork in bottles is bad for the cork trees (I'd take both with a liberal dash of salt), but I do like a nice glass of red wine every now and again. Liked your poem. (okay, so that would explain the screw tops not the wine in the box- that, IMHO, is just *shudders* wrong.

Nicholas said...

Wouldn't you be happy with rough peasant wine (i.e. cheap) ?

Amy Ruttan said...

ROFL, I remember seeing comedian Ron James and he talked about his jaunts to PEI and drinking wine in a box. When you got hammered and threw it up the sound you made was the name of the brand they bought. Can't remember the name though. I also remember Grumpier Old Men and Walter Mathau brought Sophia Loren Wine in a Box. "See it's got this handy little tap," LOL! I think I would prefer bottle.

Something more elegant. Wine in a box is very child like like the old juice boxes. Do you ever notice that juice from a tetra pack tastes just a bit different than from a glass bottle. That's my thought.

Wylie Kinson said...

Christine - it's a date!

Joy Renee - ROTF!! That's funny.

Sparky - and I pegged you for a perfectly chilled Chardonnay kind of guy...

Ann - cork shortage!?! They need to stop making floors out of the stuff and keep it for important things - like corks! :)

Nicholas - peasant wine? Uh-uhn! Diamonds and champagne!