Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A bone to pick with Wylie?

Remember that Hometown Meme?
I did Bermuda, which is not my hometown, but I did spend 18 years on the island so felt imminently qualified.
Well, I had my hands slapped by Chris K, an old and dear friend. (clarification - She's not old, our friendship is) Here's what she had to say:

I went to your blogspot tonight just to check up on you and noticed that you did not want to do the Thunder Bay Hometown Meme because, and I quote, there’s “not much fodder there”. I’m aghast! Now, I stayed until I was 30, so maybe I got more of the flavour of our beloved city than you did. *G* With that in mind, I’m answering the questions in hopes of reminding you of all that northwestern Ontario has to offer! (Now, note I’m not there any longer and wouldn’t move back on a bet, BUT I do love to go back to visit and it ain’t cuz my family is there, I can assure you!)

Best Place to Eat: Well, the Hoito is an easy answer (mainly because it’s true!) But for a fab evening out for fine Italian dining you’ve got Armando’s and Vincenzo’s, and Harrington Court has always impressed the heck out of me for just about everything they do.

Best Shopping Mall: *sigh* Gotta be Intercity; all the others suck! *L*

Famous Landmark: A little number known throughout the universe as the Sleeping Giant (one of Canada ’s top wonders, by the way!)

Best Tourism Attraction: Again, the Giant; the view from Hillcrest Park is particularly spectacular. We’ve also got Old Fort William which, believe it or not, is pretty good! Also Sibley, the amethyst mine, Eino’s Saunas out on the highway.

Place For the Kids: Uh…having a little trouble with that one…this could explain all the petty crime…*L* Is Wiggles & Giggles still open? (Wylie's note: NO. But there is cool mini-golf dome!)

Popular Outdoor Activity: Skating, skiing, snowmobiling…in the summer I’d have to say lighting fires in the bush or drinking in a rock quarry…

Breathtaking Views: Hillcrest Park , the rock cuts on both sides of the highway, anywhere in downtown PA for Lake Superior…I think I’m seeing the problem, you’re a Fort William girl! *L*

Only Found in THUNDER BAY : Persians! (I still miss them) (Wylie's note: these are scrumptious cinnamon buns with pink icing - to die for)

This is a public service announcement courtesy of someone for whom time has softened all the bad memories…. *L*

--Chris : )

My apologies Chris. You're right. Thunder Bay is a pretty swell place and it holds many many dear memories. (Did someone say field party?)
Thanks for letting the blogosphere know just what a quaint little spot it is.
(And you're off the hook with the picture 'cause I couldn't find my yearbook. Lucky ;)


Nicholas said...

I spent a year in Thunder Bay. It gets rather cold there.

Joel Kearney said...

Let's not forget Troll Bridge falls, Mt. McKay, Candy Mountain. Needing Roadhouse. Kakabeka Falls, going to Boston Pizza after the bars close, going to some ones camp, because every body had one.
The Terry Fox Monument, high School Football games, (Westgate won the senior title again this year) Tiger Tip off tournament, International Friendship Gardens, watching hockey at Fort William Gardens (the Twins won plenty of Championships back in the day) although I do not live there myself anymore , and I do not get a chance to visit often I would have no problem raising my family there, I love Thunder Bay and always will.


Wylie Kinson said...

Ah Nicholas, surely you got more of an impression than that? And didn't the T.Bay university girls keep you warm? *wink wink*

Yeah Joel! I knew you'd champion the old place :D
And I can not BELIEVE you still keep track of Tiger football! LOL!!

Amy Ruttan said...

I always wanted to go to Thunder Bay. Always. :) This gives me even more reason. :)

Anonymous said...

HA! You couldn't find a yearbook for a picture of me - the universe is on MY side! Okay, Joel, I am humbled...you love T. Bay WAY more than I do! :) But we agree that we highly recommend it. And really, what else is there to see between Winnipeg and Toronto? *G*

--Chris K.

Wylie Kinson said...

Chris - I'll get you yet. Just you wait. When you're least expecting it I'll post a string of blackmail pics :)

And yes, Joel does have a soft spot for T.Bay!

Amy - just make sure you go in July! Trust me on that one.

Amy Ruttan said...

Uh I live in Canada I understand winter. I'll go during the summer for sure. LOL!

Besides Ruttan's are born and bred in the North. We can stand the cold (JA RIGHT!!!)

Anonymous said...

Fun to read about Thunder Bay! And you know me, when I saw the answer to "only found in Thunder Bay" = Persians, my first thought was cats, not cinnamon buns! ;-D LOLOL...

Shelley Munro said...

Oh, I love cinnamon buns. I always put on pounds eating them when I visit the States.

Christine d'Abo said...

I've never been to Thunder Bay, though I'dd like to someday. Maybe we should plan a road trip this summer.

Red Garnier said...

Looks like a beautiful place. And I still owe this meme to Rhian. Rhian, sorry sweetie, I will get into this pronto! ;)

julia said...

Having two places from which to choose for your hometown meme would make it hard for anyone. This way we got two tours and now I'm hungry for Persians.