Friday, November 02, 2007

The Steaming Sexies

Three of the Sexies have new books out, and their releases just happen to coincide with my 3-day break from writing. Well timed, ladies ;)

Here's the blurb for Red Garnier's Stroke of Midnight (LSB):

Some wounds take a long time to heal…

A summer in their family Aspen cottage sounds just like the thing to help Elena Wolverton get over a tragic accident. Her body needs to recover, and so does her soul.

Elena’s sister Vivian brings a friend along for the week, and Porter Rowe is the stuff of dreams. The stuff of Elena’s dreams; awakening her to longings she hasn’t felt before.

Elena knows a man like Porter could finish with what’s left of her, break all that remains. Or he could help her forgive, forget, and have a second chance at happiness.

Contains: multiple partner sex F/M/F, oral sex, graphic language.

God I love the disclaimer! The ones on my books say: "Contains: SEX, but nothing daring or envelope-pushing by any stretch of the imagination." :D

I read this scorcher last night and I have one complaint -- It's TOO SHORT! Elena is an endearing woman and Porter Rowe is fantasy-material. Well done, Ms Garnier. The outside temps in my area may have dropped, but the thermostat in my bedroom went WAY up!!

BUY IT HERE and then pop over to Six Degrees of Sexy to enter Red's contest.

Tonight I shall lay me down to sleep with Renee Field and Christine d'Abo's release Sweet and Spicy Spells (EC). Here's the blurb (I'm closing my eyes to cut and paste 'cause I love reading a book when I having absolutely NO idea who's who or what's what):

Two sisters, two brothers — and a whole lot of sexy spells.

Kisha hasn't been able to cast a single correct spell. Not a good thing when you're a witch. Kisha has two days to master her powers and Foster is the wizard who's been sent to help. To kick-start her system, Kisha has to discover the uninhibited joys of orgasms, and Foster is more than happy to use his "wand" for the task.

Priscilla is perfect — tall, busty and beautiful. All Hallow's Eve coincides with the annual Cauldron Cup where Priscilla has to defend her title. What she isn't expecting is Zack Kane to zap back into her life after five years. Passion flares as spells and clothing fly.

When the siblings uncover a plot to assassinate the members of the witch council, they must put their differences aside to save the council…and themselves.


I don't think its premature of me to say it's HOT, cause it's coming from Ellora's Cave, or that I love it already because Renee and Christine are very talented ladies, so


Christine d'Abo said...

Woohoo Wylie!! Thanks for the book pimpage. I hope you enjoy Spells. :) And I'm off to buy Red's book. It's going to be my reward for getting my NaNo word count done this weekend. :)

Wylie Kinson said...

I read the first two chapters last night Christins and so far - wowsers! Fun AND Sexy :D

Red Garnier said...

Wylie, thank you for the pimpage I am THRILLED that you liked! And Renee and Christine's book is awesome!!!!! JUST AWESOME!!!! You will love.

Tempest Knight said...

Soooo many hot books to read so little time! This weekend I'm curling up to read Red's book. *wg* I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Cool Beans! They all sound fabulous -- I'm excited for you Sexies! :)

Leah Braemel said...

I read Red's book last night - Thanks Red! I'm always in awe of her work. Still got to get Christine's and Renee's but they're on the TBB list (to be bought). I just have to unmelt my credit card. Seriously.

Amy Ruttan said...

Lots of reading this weekend. I have lots of reading. Lots and lots. LOL!