Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanks for the advice and support!!

I'm over at Six Degrees of Sexy with a classic poem from Lord Byron. Please do stop by and leave a comment, or your name - or heck, just have a read of 'She Walks in Beauty'.
But before you go...

Thanks y'all for your advice and support about my little 'Bright-faced Sweetness' problem. Leading by example is the best bet (I'm afraid if I make TOO much out of it, it will backfire) and reading lots of books with hidden messages is part of the game plan.

That said, my older son had a birthday party over the weekend and the guests were very diverse in ethnicity (out of 8 children, only four could be classified 'caucasian') and Sweetness didn't blink an eye or make any untoward comments. In fact, he was stuck to one little boy with a face 'not bright like mine' the whole time. Maybe (with fingers crossed) it was a one-off episode triggered by another child's comment.

AND - Christine d'Abo has a new release!!! I haven't had a quiet moment to read it yet -- not without trying - but alas, the shovel beckons. It's called Chasing Phoenix (great title, eh?) and you can buy it now from Ellora's Cave. Just click HERE.


Tempest Knight said...

Good to see your little sweetness enjoy playing with someone of another color. :)

Christine d'Abo said...

Thanks for the pimpage hon! I hope you enjoy it when you finally have a chance to sit down and read.

I'm hoping for some time of my own to do that. :)

Leah Braemel said...

Oh, you'll enjoy Christine's latest, I know I did. Bury yourself in it while you're taking ten minutes to yourself. Children are always coming up with ways to surprise you. That's why we love 'em so much. At least that's what I keep telling myself (Wait'll you get up in the morning and meet your son's girlfriend on your way to the bathroom. That's really a whole new level of parenting!)