Monday, February 11, 2008

Poetry Train, 2008 Grammy Award musings, Writer's Strike OVER!!

Oi, if you're looking for Poetry Train, I posted it HERE It's a beautiful little one by Emily Dickinson. Go. It's short -- take you about 20 seconds... I'll wait...

The Writer's Strike is OVER!! Woot woot woot.
Now the question is whether or not they can get the scripts written for the existing shows to let them finish the season or if they'll say Frig It and just forward them all to next season (which would really blow). I want my LOST!

Grammy Awards -- I missed the beginning (Hubby just HAD to watch Extreme Home Makeover) and it's not over yet, but so far, so WOW!
Kanye West performed Stronger (I totally dig that song) and he the funkiest stage and his jacket lit up and it was just COOL. Made me want to dance around the living room.
Aw jeez... I might as well confess... I DID dance around the living room ;)

Tina Turner is 68. I only know this because she looked so freaking amazing during her performance that I had to google her for info. SIXTY-EIGHT!! My God, that woman looks hot. No wrinkles, toned body (she was wearing a sleeveless silver spandex-like jumpsuit) and danced her ass off. Beyonce came out to perform with her a bit and it really was a stunning performance.

Alicia Keyes was wonderful and Amy Winehouse (live via satellite) looked clean. I mean hygiene-wise AND sober. No dirty ballet slippers and grimy appearance. Beehive was neat and her skin looked lovely. She was a bit shaky when she sang Rehab, but her other song (the name escapes me) was excellent.

Back to Kanye West -- he won a couple of awards so that should prevent a temper tantrum or two. But his acceptance speech didn't contain even a smidge of humble. That man is the cockiest creature on Earth!
The best line of the night was given by Vince Gill when he went up for an award that had been announced/given by Ringo Starr. He said (something to the effect of) "Wow, I've just been given an award by a Beatle. Has that happened to you yet, Kanye?" woo-hoo! ROTFLMAO

And because I'm an old woman (heee) I was tickled when Andre Boccelli came out to perform with Josh Groban. *sigh*

This being the big 50 for the Grammys, they threw some nostalgia at us with Fogerty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Keelie somebody (oops, forgot her already). I'm going to shut up about this except to say I believe that Little Richard alone is keeping Maybelline in business.

Overall, a very enjoyable show. No outrageousness, which may cause critics to call it boring (God forbid) but I loved it.

And now that the writer's strike is over (WOO HOO!!) I look forward to the Oscars. What can I say -- I'm an award show junkie.


R.G. ALEXANDER said...

I'm so happy the strike is over!!!
The night was wonderful-such a great mix of old and new.

Amy Ruttan said...

Thank goodness. NOw back to The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Maybe that will get me off this TW DW kick ... nah!! ;)

OH Love that song by Kanye. LOVE IT!!

Candy Minx said...

You've just made my day with the news that writers striek is over yippeee!

I was pretty sure it was over last week...I knew they must have made some major advances because Conan O Brien had shaved his beard off...I said to my bf...he must know something even though the announcement hasn't the Grammy's were going ahead. thank you for your confirmation on my suspicians!!! I was looking for "signs" and only had the approaching Grammy show (many people likely wouldn't have shown up) and O Brien's shaved face!

Last nights Grammys were amazing!!! I loved every second ofit and they went all out! I thought Amy winehouse was awesome and felt you could see why she is an enigma and why the camera and fans love her...she has "it" whatever that charisma is...and I thought her mother and father coming out on stage was ahoot. (you know the British tabloids are terrible and they make a lot fo fuss out of things worse than they may be...on this poor young woman)

I love kayne too...but when he spoke...i had forgotten what he was like..why's so unbecomming. I was very upset how he told Chicago rapper Common to "make sure he doesn't drop a cd at the same time because he'll never win a grammy" I was so grossed out. Whatever he won me with his performance with Daft Punk (cool) and his special song "mama" he lost me...made me think he might just be a "mamas boy" and spoiled!

Wasn't Tina Turner something! I couldn't stop looking at her boobs they were astounding! and she had NH the whole time! What a woman what a performer.

I also love Rhianna with The cool...

Leah Braemel said...

I was watching Tina Turner and Beyonce too - what a pair they made. And I googled Tina's age too then had to pick my jaw up off the floor. What I wouldn't give to look like her at that age - that woman is HOT!

Rats, I missed Bocelli and Groban - I love both of them. But Gizmo Guy was watching a CBC program (probably originally BBC program) about the Queen during the start of the Grammy's, and then I couldn't keep my eyes open so I missed the end too. Ah, well.

Anonymous said...

Glad the writers strike is over

Vicky said...

LMAO!!! You're so funny!

I don't watch much TV anymore unless Elmo's in it! *sigh* Seriously last time I saw Andre Boccelli he was singing a bedtime song to Elmo. My brain is no longer adult worthy. Skidimirinky dinky dink.. skidimirinky dooooo.... I love you! :D

Anonymous said...

Cool that the strike is over! And LOL @ what Vince Gill said about being given an award by a Beatle! :)

Red Garnier said...

YEY, strike is over!! Wylie. I cannot stop looking at your LoA cover on the sidebar. OH. GOD!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!