Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Crazy Eights Meme

BEWARE - it's April Fool's Day! Watch your back ;)

I was tagged by Julia AGES ago (sorry, Julia!) for this CRAZY EIGHTS MEME and I'm FINALLY gittin' er dun...

8 things I’m passionate about
1 - Sweetness (aka 3 yr old) and Light (aka 8 yr old)
2 - Darling Hubby
3 - Writing
4 - JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (yes, I do need a life)
5 - helping others through charitable giving, etc
6 - nature, our planet (though I'm not as 'green' as I'd like to be)
7 - LOST
8 - movies that move me

8 things I want to do before I die
1 - write a best-selling novel
2 - dance at my sons' weddings
3 - cruise the Mediterranean
4 - visit northern Europe, including St. Petersburg Russia, and Skandinavia
5 - attend the Oscars (doubly sweet if my novel was turned into an award winning movie!)
6 - win a Rita
7 - own/live on a big piece of forested land on a lake
8 - have the means to give away a LOT of money, at least a million dollars, to charity

8 things I often say
1 - Where are we going for dinner?
2 - Hello Mom (I call her every night)
3- One, two, three... (if my kids don't do as they're told by the time I get to 5, they get a timeout)
4 - I love you (to my kids, everyday, multiple times)
5 - 6 days 'til Lost, 5 days 'til lost, 4 days 'til Lost...
6 - In my next life...
7 - What are we doing today, family?
8 - Damn computer!

8 books I’ve recently read or am reading or planning to read
1 - Fancy Free by Shelley Munro (read)
2 - The Other Boleyn Girl (read)
3 - Night Swimming by Rebecca James (I've been planning on this one for AGES, since Mrs. Giggles gave it a 95 - a 95!! - but just haven't got to it yet. Sorry Rebecca!)
4 - Fox's Bride by Amy Ruttan (planning)
5 - Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (planning)
6 - A Man Worth Keeping by Molly O'Keefe (planning)
7 - Seven Sinners by Red Garnier (planning)
8 - The Bond That Heals Us by Christine d'Abo (planning)

8 songs I could listen to over and over
1 - Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
2 - Stronger - Kanye West
3 - No One - Alicia Keyes
4 - Hotel California - The Eagles
5 - Savin' Me - Nickelback
6 - My Immortal - Evanescence
7 - Come What May - from Moulin Rouge
8 - Four Seasons - Vivaldi

8 things that attract me to my best friends
1 - sense of humor (must be able to take my sarcasm!)
2 - good conversationalist
3 - savvy, intellectual, well read
4 - compassionate
5 - variety of interests
6 - strong personalities
7 - passionate about something, whether it be family, career or hobby
8 - appreciate the arts

I think EVERYONE in blogland has probably done this one already so I'm not sure who's left to tag... Anyone who wants to play, leave a comment and I'll visit you.


Amy Ruttan said...

I called Kayne's song Harder.

Bah you know what I mean.

You know how long I've been on you, since Prince was on Apollonia, since OJ had Isotoners .. Sorry I just love this song!

Kristy said...

What did you think of The Other Boelyn Girl? I started it, but I haven't finished it. I liked it, but I think I lost interest because everyone I know has read it and talked about it. Then Sunday night I watched The Tudors for the first time. It just seems too familiar.

Wylie Kinson said...

Kristy - I really enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, but hadn't heard any discussions/read reviews, etc... AND I completed it a few weeks before the movie came out so didn't have the characters drawn in my head as Scarlett and Natalie (like they couldn't find two British actresses?? *shaking head*)
I don't find Philipa Gregory's writing style brilliant, but her pacing and storytelling skills are wonderful.

I've been dying to see The Tudors, but keep missing it!

Thomma Lyn said...

Oh, Phantom of the Opera soundtrack -- *drool*!! I love it. "Hotel California" and Four Seasons -- *drool*!

And I would love to visit Russia someday, too!

Julia Smith said...

Wylie and Thomma Lyn - let's all go to St. Petersburg together! Woo! And on to Scandinavia! Yes!

'6 days 'til Lost, 5 days 'til lost, 4 days 'til Lost...' I can relate. Not for 'Lost' which I only see sporadically. But for movies, really, when I can't wait for them.

'Phantom' soundtrack - check
'Moulin Rouge' - check
Evanescence - check
Vivaldi - check

Thanks for doing the meme - I loved this chance to know more about you, Wylie. And I have to say I love your Sweetness and Light names for your kids!