Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waterworld, fo'real!

Welcome to the second edition of

Tuesday... In the News

Makes it more official to have a title, don't you think? And I hope the little voice in your head puts on a Walter Cronkite voice, complete with little pause between 'Tuesday' and 'in the news'.

Flooding, rising sea levels due to global warming, sinkage due to the extraction of ground water... all have contributed to the plight of a village in the Philappines that, due to the aforementioned, has been underwater for the past four years.

Yes - sounds like an even worse version of that Kevin Costner movie, but can you imagine what life must be like for those poor villagers? The chest deep water means without a boat you are literally house bound, kids are prohibited from playing outside and jogging is completely out!

Sure, I jest, but the thought of wading through garbage and raw sewage is too much to consider before my morning coffee. I mean, disease, sanitation, bad hair... the implications of living life under these conditions hardly need expounding.

Here's a newsclip:

Dang! I can't get the embed feature to work. Grrr. Here's the link. The video is only 1 1/2 minutes long.

Why hasn't the Philappine government rescued these poor folks? Relocated them??
It this was happening in YOUR country, wouldn't you expect (hope for) federal aid?


Amy Ruttan said...

That's insane and frightening.

Thomma Lyn said...

That is truly horrible, and it's unconscionable that these people aren't getting any help.

Wylie Kinson said...

Amy - insane sums it up perfectly.

TL - I agree. And though my first instinct was to blame their 3rd world gov't, after i gave it some thought, I realized that this isn't terribly different than how the victims of Katrina were/are treated.
Or in my own country, how some of the natives are treated with their poor conditions, unsafe water, etc.
So yes, while I'm still outraged at the Philippino gov't, my anger has radiated to my own!
And just in time for an upcoming election!!

Nicholas said...

You have to understand, the Philippines is a poor, venal, corrupt country. Nothing gets done without bribes and backhanders. Lovely people -- shit government.

Let's take comfort in Sara palin's solution to global warming (which she can put into operation if McCain pops his clogs) and that is simply not to believe in it.