Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Michael Crichton is dead!!!

OMG - I just heard the most terrible news. One of my favorite authors passed away yesterday... Michael Crichton. :(

I've read everything he wrote - the list is too long to mention in my distressed state, so I'll just throw out SPHERE, THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN, DISCLOSURE,and JURASSIC PARK for those who aren't sure who he is. Was. *sob*

RIP Michael. The world will miss you!


Michelle said...

Wow! This is news to me. I don't get the paper daily, so I rely on online news sources but this slipped under my radar. I know it's terrible to say as a writer, but I didn't read any of his books, although I DID enjoy the Congo and Jurassic Park movies.

Sad news in the writing world. Thanks for the link to this Wikipedia article.

Michelle Lauren
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Thomma Lyn said...

So sad. I found out this morning. :(

Anonymous said...

So sorry he died, I heard an author had passed but didn't know who. I loved Jurassic Park.

Wylie Kinson said...

Michelle - Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always a pleasure to have another writer stop by.
And if I told you that the movie versions of MC's books didn't do the man justice, you'd understand, right ;)
Okay - I'll give you Jurassic Park (very well done) but the others - na-uh. Give Disclosure a try.

TL - :( I agree.

Hi Terra - I'm sorry too. He was one of the few authors I'd buy in hardcover -- that's how much I 'hearted' him.