Monday, November 10, 2008

Writing research, or an excuse not to write??

I'm trying to get a grasp on the future-world I'm creating for my latest wip (Jump Zone) so trotted down to Blockbuster for some post-apocolyptic inspiration.

I had to fight off two teenage boys to get the last (and only?) copy of the John Woo directed Appleseed Ex Machina. This was my first foray into anime and I must say, I was impressed! While the story was certainly interesting, it was the animation that had me shaking my head in a combination of creepy and cool in it's stunning 'realness' (the chick did NOT have sex with the hunky(?) faceless cyborg so the creep-factor came down by the end).
Though I did have a weird moment when I realized that two specific visual details in MY wip are presented in the fictional world of Olympia. Enough to have me worried that people will think I ripped them off from the movie (totally did NOT!!) but if/when Jump Zone is ever published, it'll be long forgotten,... ahem.

The second movie was a very dark vision of future-world starring Christian Bale (whom I heart more with every movie I see him in) called Equilibrium.
AGHAST - another three parallels to my story -- one major, two minor. I guess the collective vision of future-world is indeed bleak.
Anyhoo -- it was another enjoyable movie from a researchy aspect. And 1 1/2 hours of a stoic Mr. Bale was totally worth the $5 rental fee. The fight scenes were AMAZINGLY choreographed and more than a little violent.
The video store dude even said, "Uh... this is restricted. Are you sure you want it?" To which I replied, "Uh... yeah." Not sure if he thought I was underage (wishful thinking on my part?), too delicate, or if I was getting it as a package deal for my teenage son along with the anime flick.
Jeez kid... hate to blow your stereotype of 40 year old women, but we're not all sitting at home watching PS I Love You *snort*

Did I loose some valuable writing time watching movies. Oh yeah. Did it help. Undoubtably. If anything, it confirmed that my vision for our fine planet isn't completely whacked and might even save me from a few cliches. (Can they even be considered cliche if I thought I thought of them first?)

Question: Have you seen anything that qualifies as anime? Thoughts??


Amy Ruttan said...

LOL!! It's because your so young. :)

That is so cool you're jumping into this foray. Especially Anime Foray.

One of my favorite older animes about a bleak apocalyptic future is called Galaxy Express 999. Got to love Anime.

I picked up this book called The Road which is an apocalyptic world.

Thomma Lyn said...

That's really neat; I can't wait to read Jump Zone! Amy mentioned The Road -- it's an amazing novel. Read it a few months ago. And one of our fellow writers and bloggers (Bunnygirl) has written excellent dystopian fiction which you might want to check out. :)

Good luck with Jump Zone! You have me incredibly intrigued!

Christine d'Abo said...

Oh I LOVED Equilibrium!!! I saw it in the movie theatre years ago, and completely fell in love.

I haven't watched a lot of anime, D Vampire Hunter and Akira are the two big ones. I've also seen Princess Mononoke, which is actually a kids movie, and simply amazing. Other than that...

I'm quite excited to see that you're moving into the genre. I can't wait to read it!

M. said...

here's how cutting edge i am: never even heard of either equilibrium or the appleseed thing. my feelings towards christian bale are forever tainted by the fact that the first movie of his i saw was 'american psycho'.

but i have had that very specific nausea of seeing an element i really, truly thought of myself in a book subsequently read. the horror. i'm not entirely comforted by the fact that the elements, whatver they were, were treated in a very different way.

Shelley Munro said...

I haven't watched any anime at all.

I had a similar reaction when I purchased Queer as Folk. "Üh, you know this is a gay DVD?"
I had hubby in tow so I guess I looked suspicious. That was also in the name of research. The things we writers do for research ;)

Wylie Kinson said...

Shelley - Ha! Like the word 'Queer' wouldn't have tipped you off :)
Guess the video dude's are uber-serious about their jobs in NZ and Canada.

m. - I've wanted to see American Psycho for some time, but am afraid I don't have the stomach for it. But I heard CB's performance was outstanding (in that psycho way - ha)

Christine - I'm such a noob. I've not heard of either of those anime movies, but will perhaps check them out since I'm "trying new things" (you MUST make airquotes when saying that part or it won't sound right!)

Wylie Kinson said...

Amy - Yes, Cormac's Road. My hubby is reading it now (and NOT enjoying) and I'll pick it up when he's through.
Or maybe I'll just wait for the movie since Viggo is in it *drool*

Anonymous said...

They sound like time well spent my friend