Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Anti Resolution Meme

Julia tagged me for an Anti Resolution Meme, so I thought, 'Sure, I'll play along!!' Here are the rules:

The rules:
• List ten things you resolve not to do in the upcoming year.
• Be as creative as possible.
• Post them on your blog and leave a link to your blog in your comments to this post.

1. I do solomnly swear not to see the latest SAW movie. Or any of them, for that matter.
2. I will not send in the application to Procrastinator's Anonymous that has been sitting in my desk drawer since 1982.
3. I will not, no matter how he begs, run away with Brad Pitt.
4. I shall not, this year nor any, turn down free chocolate.
5. My bed shall not get made in 2009.
6. As hard as it'll be, you won't see me being snarky on the book review and/or gossip sites. Bad for the creative soul...
7. I won't pass up a book just because I'm anti 'buzz'. I almost missed out on Twilight and that historical that was set in India (the name has escaped me... sorry) because I felt I was being manipulated by 'buzz'.
8. I won't get into the habit of blogging every day again. :)
9. I'll try-try not to drop everything when the next JR Ward book comes out (but let's be honest... this will be the one anti-resolution I probably break)
10. When I get 'the call' (because it IS coming in 2009 - I feel it) I resolutely SWEAR not jump more than two feet in the air OR scream for more than thirty seconds without taking a break.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to play along!


M. said...

I support you in all your anti-resolutions, but...I'm confused. Aren't you published? Doesn't that mean you already received the call?

Wylie Kinson said...

Thanks M! EC doesn't 'call', they simply email back.
Agents call. I believe NY editors call (though I could be wrong)... but I'm really hoping to land an agent this year.

btw - TWILIGHT ROCKED. But the movie was a big suck-fest. Don't even get me started... I was so mad I wanted my money back.
But the book - very engaging!

Leah Braemel said...

Boo to #8. Boo Hiss!

And #9 - yeah, you are going to SO bust that one, I know you are!

Wylie Kinson said...

LOL Leah - you made me spew my pop. As if I have anything interesting to say... it's hard enough twice a week!
As for #9... you know me too well ;)

Amy Ruttan said...

It is coming for us in 2009.

SO you read Twilight. Excellent.

I just finished the entire series. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Bonnie Staring said...

Great list Wylie! I may just have to try this one for myself... sometime soon... dang, where did my Procrastinator's Anonymous application go?

Thomma Lyn said...

hehe, that looks like a fun meme! I'm bookmarking it to do. LOL @ #2 and 3! And *snork* on #5. And #10 -- man oh man, I am EXCITED for you!!!! :-D I bet 2009 is gonna be your year!

Huge H & P, my friend!

Word ver: neato! It's a SIGN, I tell you... a SIGN!

Julia Smith said...

Thomma Lyn said all my comments first!

Christine d'Abo said...

I love the idea of anti resolutions. And is it okay if I break #10 for you when it happens??

J.K. Coi said...

Congrats on your anti-resolutions. They're awesome. I'm in with you on #5.