Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Recap

Love the Golden Globes.... 2008 just didn't feel right without them. And this years telecast was lovely -- the gowns were stunning, everyone looked well-behaved (even you, Colin Ferrell!), but if I had the opportunity to say a few words to the participants, here's what I'd say:

Heath Ledger - (Best Supporting Actor -drama): Wish you could have been there dude. You are missed.

Kate Winslet - (Best Supporting Actor - drama and Best Actor - drama): You're delightful, but please, next time jot a few notes down so you needn't 'gather' so much.

Sally Hawkins - Best Actor (comedy or musical): eat a sandwich. Please. You're a grown woman with the arms of a six year old.

Demi Moore: I saw your nipples. That was more of you than I ever needed to see.

Gerard Butler: try moving your whole mouth when you talk.

Ricky Gervais: I enjoyed the entire telecast, but you, sir, are da man. Made the night, imo.

Robert Downey: they should have found an excuse - any excuse - to get you on stage.

Paul Giamatti: I don't care how good of an actor you are, the bald on top-curly and longish around the sides doesn't work on anyone.

Meryl: You were robbed. I never even saw Mamma Mia, but you were forced to sing with Pierce Brosnan so that has to be worth something... at least a medal.

Brad & Angelina - it's okay that you didn't win your respective categories, you get to go home with each other.

Mr. Cruise: You know the rumors about you, don't you? For heaven's sake man, your wife is an actress. You should have brought her and left your mom home to babysit.

Drew: the Angie Dickinson c. 1968 look worked for you, somehow.

Seth Rogan: you got too skinny. Now people take you too seriously. Seriously. That's why they didn't laugh at your lame jokes.

Tina Fey: best speech of the night. Thanks for not boring us.

Did you see the Globes? Thoughts??


Shelley Munro said...

I haven't seen any coverage, but Mr. Munro said NZer Anna Pacquin (sp?) won one too.

Christine d'Abo said...

I missed the Globes...was too busy writing then watching 24.

And next time I see you, we so need to chat about Mr. Cruise. I heard the BEST story the other will make your laugh, then shake your head.

Wylie Kinson said...

Yes, Shelley - Anna Paquin did indeed win! She seemed genuinely stunned - and was very sweet. I still double-take when I see her because in my mind, she's still the girl from The Piano.

Christine - Oh sure, tease us ;)
Glad you found some time to write... but how could you have been watching 24 when Keifer was at the Globes??
hee hee

Terra Kent said...

No I didn't see them but I agree with some of your thoughts :-) I hope your weight loss is going well my friend.

Emma Petersen said...

I like Tom Cruise a little more ever since seeing him in Tropic Thunder. He really needs to step out of his box a little more often.

Don't remember much about the awards but I will never forget Demi Moore chiding her daughter in front of everyone. I know Ms. Moore must be aware about the things they say about her child and yet she chose that moment in time to say something to her about her posture? So not a good choice.

Wylie Kinson said...

Emma - LOL, you're right about Tom in Tropic Thunder. At least he has a good sense of humor. And since my post, I found out that Mrs. Cruise was on her way from NY as she had her final performance on Broadway... so I'm going to cut them some slack (this time!) ;)
And yes, poor Rumer!

Thomma Lyn said...

I didn't see 'em, but I enjoyed reading your comments! Many of them gave me the gigglesnorts.