Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's so dark in here...

I'm such a bad blogger lately, eh? What can I say.... all my brain juice is being used on the current wip-from-hell, Jump Zone, that was supposed to end about 20k words ago... but is just NOT.
The good news: I finally figured out how to end the sucker.
The bad news: I still have many thousands of words to write.

The other bad news (or good news, depending on your pov...) I'm taking a blogaday (blog+holiday) for a month or two. I'm going deeper into the cave taking only a candle, match and my laptop. And maybe a bag of chips (or twelve).

Before I go...
I must give a big shout out to Leah Braemel who not only had her first book released from Samhain -- but also remained #1 on their best seller list for two weeks!! You can learn more about Private Property HERE.

Another shout out to Christine d'Abo for her recent release All Bottled Up from Samhain AND her uber-hot Ellora's Cave book The Bond that Ties Us (a must-read) is coming out in print. Double WOOTS!

Whew, I'm getting hoarse from these, but there's just much good news!
Another WOOT WOOT goes to Amy Ruttan who's first book of a five book series, Enchanted: The Fey just came out from Linden Bay. I haven't read it yet, but if it's got Amy's name on it, you can be sure it'll contain some hot stuff ;)

AND - last but certainly not least, the talented Thomma Lyn sold her novel Mirror Blue to Black Lyon Publishing!! Let me tell you... I've read the book and it's amazing. It's about damn time someone recognized her awesome literary talent. Keep your eyes on this one... it'll be a late spring release and you will NOT want to miss it. Trust.

Happy writing, happy reading and bye for awhile!


Leah Braemel said...

In reverse order:

Woot Woot to Thomma Lyn!

And to Amy for her release, and Christine for her double releases (I HAVE to get a copy of her Bond That Ties Us - it's definitely going on my Keeper Shelf.

Small correction re my placement on the MBAM list - I was #1 for almost a week, but I've been on the list (still am) for two weeks, which really is amazing considering there have been three more releases in that time. I'm still shocked, amazed and humbled.

Now here's the big one. *huge heavy loud sobs* Wylie, you can't take a blogaday that lasts a month! Say it ain't so. (Then again, *sobs ease up* you can fill me in on all the good stuff in Collingwood.) But *sob* I'll miss you blogging anyway.

Thomma Lyn said...

Awwww, ((((((((Wylie)))))))) -- thanks so much for the shout-out, my friend! :-D And huge congratulations to Leah, Christine, and Amy! Such great news all the way around. WOO HOO!!!!!!

I understand you needing a blog holiday, but dang, I'll miss you on the Blogosphere for that long. But you can bet I'll be popping up in your email! :)

I haven't been blogging as much lately, either, and for the same reasons: just so much to do, and there will be even more for me to do now. So I'm way excited, but blogging has to be on an "as I can" basis.

My sympathies on the WIP from hell. I have one of those, too. I've recently completed the second draft and I'm taking a much-needed sabbatical for perspective before diving into third draft revisions.

Congratulations on figuring out how to end Jump Zone! And don't worry about the words. Just get the story down. Your inner editor can deal with extra words on revisions. You can do it -- and your story will be fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be missed, but good luck with the writing!