Friday, April 17, 2009

Ouch. Trampolining is harder than it looks...

Three friends and I enrolled in a trampoline fitness class.
Bouncing up and down... How hard can it be, right?
Yeah... big misconception. It's exhausting! BUT FUN. What other form of exercise prompts spontaneous outbursts of giggles?

The pain. Now that's a not so much fun. I expected the knees and lower back to give me trouble, but no... it's my trunk that's in serious trouble. I seemed to have pulled/strained/shredded (pick your verb) the group of muscles (and I use that term loosely) around my midsection, from my mid-spine around my rib cage. Hurts to breathe.
Then yesterday, after trampoling, while at the grocery store, I twisted my knee. Heard the joint click as I swivelled to exit my car and, much to the disgust of the mom-of-2-toddlers getting into the car next to mine, swore loudly at the accompanying pain.
So the question is, was I weak from jumping, or was that just a flukey coincidence? Either way, I am limping and stiff and entirely unable to take deep breathes. And popping Advil. And wondering why my 42 year old body hates me so.

In Movies:

Adventureland - it was just okay. A nice flashback to my youth in the 80's. They should have given Kristin Wiig (SNL) more than 4 lines. She's way too funny to waste. This one can wait until DVD.

I Love You, Man - so so funny. This is a hilarioius must-see. Paul Rudd is a charming beta-hero and Jason Segal is beyond great. Don't wait for DVD. Get a sitter and go.

Yes Man (DVD) - Jim Carrey is hit or miss with me. This one was a hit. Fun PG movie that I thought would be fun to watch with my 9 yr old son. Luckily - LUCKILY, I quickly realized my judgement in error, just moments before the old-lady-blow-job scene. Whew... that was close.
But yeah... worth the rental price.


Amy Ruttan said...

Old-lady-blow-job scene??


Right now the movies I want to see are Obsession, Star Trek and Harry Potter. The rest can wait until DVD.

Anonymous said...

Your body hates you because you are 42. Believe me I know, my 47 year old body hates me. I'd give myself a few days break then take it slower. I hurt something in my back jogging back in January. I started back jogging a minute and walking two until I built myself up. Of course that's kind of hard in a trampoline class. It sounds fun. I have a mini-tramp, but don't really know the best way to use it.

I got Yes Man as a joke for my birthday (that along with Religulous). I may actually watch it now. I'm not so sure about Religulous. I might get hit by lightening watching it;-)plus Bill Maher is just ewwwww to me.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Your body's just fatigued. Tell it to hang in there and stop protesting 'cause it'll soon feel GREAT.

Thomma Lyn said...

Trampolining -- sounds like fun! I've boinged around a little bit on trampolines, but not much. But what little bit I did -- yup, it's tiring, too! Like Susan said, though, you'll get used to it, and you'll have a blast. :)

H & P!

Michelle (MG) Braden said...

My kids are on April break, and when the weather cooperates we've been walking. Yesterday, we walked, at a nice clip, to the mall, library and back (about 12 blocks each way, but they are more like country blocks so...). Yeah, I'm stiff today. Very stiff. My 41 year old body feels about 80.

But trampoline fitness totally sounds fun! If I were there I'd go with you.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Good for you Wylie!!! You go girl.
Is it bad that I want to see "Dragonball"? Yeah, I thought so.

M. said...

Very easy to not realize how you're overdoing on the tramp if you haven't built up tolerance, and it's not just for us mature types. My boys are both young and fit, and they were sore and complainey after going to an hour-long trampolining birthday party. So no need to be down on yourself.

Movies: looking forward to 'Burn After Reading', and I'll be more open to the Paul Rudd film. I like him, but the trailer didn't attract me.

Shelley Munro said...

Wow, Wylie. I'm impressed. I found it difficult jumping up and down a few times on the trampoline.

I can't remember the last time I went to the movies. I have movie envy. Jim Carey is mostly miss for me. He usually makes me cringe.

Julia Smith said...

'What other form of exercise prompts spontaneous outbursts of giggles?' - LOL!

My husband and I had every intention - nay, passionate desire - to see Watchmen in the theatre. But between his not feeling well and my not feeling well, by the time both of us felt good, it was gone!! Grr!!