Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wylie's Wild World

It's a jungle out here. Literally!

Hubby walked son to schoolbus the other day and on the way home spotted a little raccoon climing the stone pillar of our front porch.

Bandit (as he was so named) took up residence on a little ledge, high above our front door, and settled in for the day (technically, his night).

We came and went throughout the day but other than looking down at us, giving the occassional scratch or licky-bath to his gorgeous fur coat, Bandid didn't budge until the sun went back down.

We were all fascinated, especially my cats, who chattered to Bandit through the window for a good portion of the morning.
It took everything in my power not to offer it up a meal! I'm a hostess at heart, but I know it would be very bad form to encourage further visits.
And my neighbors would have shot me ;)


Karen Erickson said...

He's adorable! We have our own bandit - I believe it's a mama raccoon and she's HUGE. She comes to our back porch at night and eats the cat food. I shoo her away sometimes but I feel kinda bad. Poor thing she's hungry! I guess I'm a hostess at heart too. LMAO

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

He IS cute! And no, don't feed him.

Me, on the other hand, I throw ice cubes at them when they raid the bird feeder. But, c'mon! That's food for the birds, not for coons, no matter HOW cute.

Bonnie Staring said...

You're smart to resist the temptation, Wylie! Next thing you know, Bandit would be inviting all his friends over for a par-tay and you'd be pegged at the caterer. ;)

Rene said...

We have the monsters around here and they tear up the yard. I know, they are cute but they are so destructive. And my neighbor feeds them. Drives me crazy.

Thomma Lyn said...

SQUEE!!!!!! Bandit is so cute. Back when I was taking care of the colony of feral cats (before they were rehomed), I kept water on the back porch, and we had a great big raccoon who would come every night and wash his hands in the water, LOL!