Monday, September 28, 2009

Writing, or at least i think it is.

With both kids back at school (though one is only in kindergarden so 1/2 days only), I've managed to get back to writing. YAY!
At least I think it's writing... I'm so rusty that the words are coming agonizingly slow. And I'm very unsure of myself so have been relying on my good buddy Red Garnier (who has a novel coming out this December called Satin Sash that is sooooo hot it will make your toes curl!) for the occassional ego boost. Everyone needs a Red in their life. Truly. Someone who'll read your sh*t and assure that you don't suck, but also make little suggestions to take an okay scene into a rockin' good piece of fluff :)

What am I working on?
A light contemporary. I'm aiming for category length, but we'll see. I've never been good at sticking to expected word counts so I may end up with a saga.

What are you working on?


Leah Braemel said...

Red. I miss Red :( Say hi to her for me, will ya?

I'm working on a ... well, it was supposed to be a contemporary erotic novella, but it's now broaching category length (40K, and I still have a few scenes to flesh out.) So looks like you're in good company about not being able to stick to a specific word count.

Hmm, my word verification is "Mundi" - My Monday has been so busy I can't take the time to spell it out in full?

Wylie Kinson said...

Well hallo, Ms Braemel!
Glad to hear your muse is being kind. Mine is teasing me but hasn't fully come out to play.
Good luck with your novella/novel :)

Red Garnier said...

I BEG TO DIFFER! But it's the Wylies in your life who make your day wonderful. She's your support, your reason, your smiles, and your friend! So, people, do get yourselves a Wylie! :)

I'm waiting to READ some more of that yummy WIP, by the way. Just saying.

Leah, HI!! Wylie said she was blogging again and that you were here and I thought I'd jump in to say hi, too!! *waving and waving to Leah*

Wylie Kinson said...

Gee, thanks, Red. How much should I make the cheque out for?? ;)

Julia Smith said...

Hey Red - I'm waving too!

Wylie, I'm bleeding out the rest of my gardener story (early Victorian historical) and preparing myself to finish my vampire historical during NaNoWriMo. Doesn't that make it sound like writing is painful? Why do I feel like it is...?

(Hey - my verification word is 'pantie'!)

Thomma Lyn said...

I'm excited that you're back to writing -- yay! And yes, let's hear it for good friends and good critique partners. Having a Wylie in my life rocks! :)

I've got two projects on tap right now -- PSG, which I need to tweak up and make submission-ready, and I'm brainstorming the brand new story I have in mind for Heart's Chalice, and it's coming together better than anything I've ever written before. I hope that bodes well. :-D

H & P!