Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ralph Lauren FAIL

File this under Extreme WTFuckery...

Ralph Lauren photoshops a model to unhealthy proportions, gets called on it, then fires the girl for being too large!

Dear Ralph Lauren,

Not that I drop a large amount of money on your products anyway... but I'm now going to actively go out of my way to purge the house of anything with your moniker on it. And don't expect to ever see my credit card number on your books again.


The Kinsons

Read here how she was photoshopped into anorexia:

And here for how she was subsequently fired for being too large!!! She's 5'10" and 120 pounds. Good grief!!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's just gross. I don't understand how that is an ideal of beauty, when -- to me, at least -- muscles and definition are so much sexier.

Well, we could argue the whole "Men have muscles to show they dominate and women are stick figures to show they are dependent on those with the muscles to function" but you know what? Doing for yourself is every bit as sexy as muscles.

(heh. Word Verification is LEARN. Fitting!)

Wylie Kinson said...

Y'know SHG, you may be on to something. Remember in the Chinese culture how they bound feet to keep women from running off? Maybe there's a master plot to keep women emaciated, undernourished and STUPID!! ;)

M. said...

It is painful to look at that picture.

I actually stopped reading Lisa See's 'Peony In Love' set at some historical point in China, because I could not abide yet another story about how an entire culture was built around no-matter-what-keep-the-girls-imprisoned-ignorant-unseen-untouched-immobile-and-therefore-pure. It is amazing to me how many cultures obsess about illicit sex under the guise of not doing so.

M. said...

P.S, the second link is broken,but now I've found out about boing boing, which seems like a cool place.

Wylie! Why are you a racoon? Just for fun? Junior request? You're now writing were-creatures?

Thomma Lyn said...

How disgusting! Susan said it well -- muscles and definition are much sexier, and how much better it is to be a strong woman who can do things for herself than a weak, emaciated wisp of a person any day.

And 5'10" 120 pounds... too LARGE?!?

*thunk* <==sound of TL falling on the floor in utter shock