Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a couple of days ago and naturally, it got me thinking about all that I'm thankful for. I could easily list a hundred but you'd get bored so here are a few...

  • My family; Mr. Wylie, Sweetness and Light (aka my 2 sons)
  • Our health
  • My mother who will celebrate her 90th birthday in 2010
  • Our house, and it's abundance of closets
  • My friends, too numerous to name
  • My readers. All 3 of you ;)
  • Red
  • My TRW buddies who keep me sane and laughing (and waving pom poms)
  • Food ('nuff said)
  • My cats - who always seem to know when I need a furry loving cuddle
  • Good books

Hope you all have things to be thankful for and may the coming year provide you with bounty for the body and soul.

Time for leftovers :)


Rene said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. What a lovely list.

Thomma Lyn said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And that's an excellent list. What a joy to count our blessings!

H & P!

Wylie Kinson said...

Hey Rene -- thanks for stopping by. I'm thankful for your funny tweets, too :)

TL - I count them often and try not to take any for granted. Sounds sappy, I know...