Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wylie's Fail Tags

1. So THEY are now saying that a huge percentage of reported H1N1 cases (they stopped the blood tests awhile ago and go by symptoms only) are not actually H1N1. Me smells a pharma-rat. #swinefail

2. I'm in the home stretch of the novel-in-progress. But everytime I've said that in the past I've found some way to add 10 - 15 K to the total. Hmmm #trendspottingfail

3. Four Christmas pressies bought. I'm a month and a half ahead of schedule! #franticshopperfail

4. I've eaten half the treats I bought for Halloween and still have days to go. #dietfail

5. Recently returned from a FABULOUS writer's retreat where as much laughing was done as writing. I thought I had nothing to brainstorm with the group until I returned home and realized that my book has neither a title or ending. #brainstormfail

6. Yay me for kicking my severe coffee dependence. Boo me for replacing it with fingernail biting. #compulsivedisorderfail

7. I live for Wednesday's GLEE. #getalifefail


M. said...

Hey, tell us more about writer's retreat! Where, with whom, how did everyone decide what to discuss during non-silent-production times...
some of us need to retreat vicariously!

Wylie Kinson said...

Hiya M!
sorry, btw, to disappoint you re the were-raccoon tease.
I'll write more about the writer's retreat later this week -- promise!
But I will say this.... as soon as your daughter is old enough to let mommy go for a weekend, you MUST join us.

Thomma Lyn said...

hehe, I hear you on the compulsive coffee addiction! Just finished my second big mug full. :)

Good luck with the novel in progress, and sending H & P!