Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Brother

THE Big Brother, of Orwellian proportions, is here. Right here in 2010.
It's not the government or some evil corporation.
It's us.
It's people.
You and me.

Thanks to the cellphone cameras, Twitter, YouTube, etc, we have become our own Big Brother. We take pictures of people - doing good, doing bad, doing embarrassing things, or simply being themselves... and we share them with the world. And the world judges.
Oh, we judge.

Think about the young gay man who was filmed having sex in his dorm room. He committed suicide over it because he knows... WE JUDGE. We watch, we tsk-tsk, we condemn.

It started with celebrities - like the Britney/Lindsay/Paris trainwrecks. We saw it all, in real-time, minute-by-minute with crotch shots, drunk tweets, barber-shop breakdowns.
Perez Hilton, TMZ, US Weekly... they judge. And we watch and nod and judge too.

Think about it... We are Big Brother.


Julia Smith said...

We are, but I would argue that technology has simply returned the sprawling anonymity of the urban world to a small-town mentality. Nothing could happen in the villages of yore without everyone knowing about it. People are just doing what comes naturally.

Me - I have always thought that if a person has enough time to watch the neighbours and then gossip about it, that person is in serious need of a life.

Wylie Kinson said...

Julia - agreed to a point. It's one thing for the entire village to know/guess at someone's dirty secrets (there's always denial! LOL) but another to have the lurid details posted on the internet for everyone's viewing pleasure.

And yes - people do indeed need to find more productive things to do with their lives :)