Friday, May 19, 2006

Still no answer to the question...

The past two days had me doing very little writing and LOTS of blog reading in my quest to answer the nagging question, "Why blog?"
I found some terrific blogs devoted to celebrity shananigans (poor Britney almost DROPPED her baby! The Brangelina babe is due ANY MINUTE! And whoever Brandon Davis is, he said some nasty things about poor, skinny Lindsay), very useful blogs with writing tips, book review blogs, sex blogs, even superhero blogs. But I'm still not sure why I need to blog.
I think what I need is a topic of my own. Shall I review a book a week? Opine about fave t.v. shows? Celebrate music, share my family life with 2 little boys, discuss the merits of owning a cat vs a dog? I'll think about it,...

In the meantime, my short story "Bella Fiore" is coming soon from Chippewa Publishing. I'll be running a contest on my website ( beginning next Monday, leading up to the July 28th release date. Check it out!
You can also read my erotic short, "Cavern on the Green" in the Wicked Words 7 anthology by Black Lace Publishing, available thru and

Until next time, keep reading!
~ Wylie ~

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Shiloh said...

New question: What if somebody writes a very funny, witty and entertaining blog and no-one reads it. Will it matter? (Kind of the 21st century take on the tree falling in the forest eh?).

I say it does matter and good work will be found and enjoyed so keep it up.