Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Blog?

Everyone says I need a blog. My friends, my publisher, other writers, but I just don't get it! I'm a struggling writer who's trying to turn my inner dialogue into wonderfully rich characters and compelling plot. Why would I give it away for free? I feel like I'm wasting words, no?
On the other hand, this is good practise (or is that practice?) - this stream of consiousness writing. And I do have a lot to say. LOTS of opinions...
What if I get carried away with political rants? Will that hurt future book sales? (Look what happened to Rosie!)
What if too much of my personality comes through and my readers don't like me?
Can I keep up a mysterious personality and blog? Isn't blogging really just blabbing? And once put down on paper, or in this case online, you can NEVER TAKE IT BACK. That's a big responsibility.
What if the Bush Administration is listening to blogs too???? What if I write a story about someone who is a... shhhh.... terr*r1sT (of course he'd have to be hot and willing to have sex with my heroine) Will the pentagon start watching me?
What if I can't commit to this? Nothing is worse than checking in with one of your fave blogs just to find out that they haven't posted in weeks. You feel so let down, so ignored. Left out in the cold.
I just don't know if I want to let people down that way. I take a lot of vacations. You may not hear from me in days, weeks, months even.
Have I come across as a bit insecure? A bit neurotic.
OH oh! See what I mean? You hate me already.
Please come back. I promise to write something pretty tomorrow.

- Wylie

PS - Does spelling count? What if my favorite English teacher reads this and is embarrassed by the grammatical errors (hi Mrs. Brown!). She'd be banned from the staff room!


Ella Scopilo said...

I think this is a great first post! :-) You're a natural.
Ella Scopilo

Jana J. Hanson said...

Hi Wylie!! Welcome to Blogland!!