Sunday, June 11, 2006

Poetry, Songwriting, Getting Emotional

Where have I been - shame on me. I hate it when my fave blog sites remain unchanged for more than a week and I've just violated my own pet peeve. But here's the thing ...

I've been using my creative energy to write poetry. I used to do it quite a bit as a hobby (before my aspirations of becoming a writer). In fact, I have poems dating back to junior high, about the time when those hormones began to kick in! I posted a smattering of them on my website and I can see the childish rhyming of my earlier work develop into the mind-boggling symbolism in the more recent. It's a cathartic experience and I would urge any writer to use the medium to get in touch with their creative soul.
Segway into songwriting ...

What are song lyrics but poems with a chorus? I sent a song to Nashville Music Productions to see what they thought and they put 'Cold On Me' to music. It's a bit too "country" for me (think Tammy Wynette circa 1972) -- I had more Gretchen Wilson/Shania Twain country/pop in mind when I wrote the lyrics, but what the heck. It's got a catchy little chorus that I can't stop singing! It will now go on a compilation CD and get sent to market (fingers crossed).
And finally, a comment on writing ...

I'm currently working on an erotic/romantic short that was meant to be an exercise in dialogue (to hone my skills), of approximately 3000 words. WRONG! It's now 6000 words and I keep having to set it aside because I get all teary and emotional when I write. Is that normal? Lucy, my heroine, is unwed, pregnant and facing an uncertain future and when I write her scenes, I feel as though I'm channelling her. She's alone and terrified and I tear up whenever I try to describe what she's going through. I would love to know if other authors go through this. Not sure I'll be able to finish it!
For now,
~ Wylie

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