Thursday, June 22, 2006

Writer's Block

Have you ever had to hear about someone's back problems? Your eyes glaze over and you nod sympathetically as they go on and on and on, having to listen to every pathetic detail; the accident, the suffering, the medication, the incompetent doctor, ... Meanwhile, you secretly hope a national crisis breaks out (earthquake, tornado, bomb, anything!) just so you can be excused from the pathetic whining.
Then the worst happens. YOUR back goes out. You slip a disc or strain a muscle and end up flat on your own back for six weeks. It's agonizing to go to the bathroom, to lift an arm, to shift your leg. And you just have to talk about it. You want to share your experience, earn some sympathy and understanding from your friends, coworks, or anyone who makes the mistake of asking "How are you?"!!
For years I've been reading about writer's block - causes, solutions, creative exercises. Magazine articles, entire books even, about overcoming an author's worst nightmare.
Yada, yada, yada. Just sit down and write, yawns I ...
Then the worst happened. To me! Total brain freeze. For the past two weeks my fingers have been immobile. Creativity turned off. What's happening??
Insomnia, family worries, kids, husband, dieting, lack of exercise, no sex, too much sex: What's causing it?
For the first time ever, I cannot write. No blogging, no shorts, no work on my novel, no poetry - I'm not even READING (which is SO NOT like me!) I can't be tapped out, can I? Kaput? Two shorts published and no more? Writing career over before it even began?
Next week I'm going on vacation and I hope and pray this little bout of brainalysis is finished. Maybe I just need a few days of sun, fun, and good wine.
Wish me luck ...

~ Wylie

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